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Daan Katz

Science Fantasy Author

The name is Katz. Daan Katz. Looking for breathtaking stories packed with trauma and suffering? Look no further. Daan’s got you covered!


In the works of Daan Katz magic truly meets reality.


Elegant prose that flows like a Mozart Sonata, realistic dialogue, and richly developed characters set his writing apart and elevate it from mainstream fantasy to literary fiction in a fantasy setting.


The overarching theme in Daan’s writing is trauma and its many different faces. Suffering caused by loss of loved ones, mental illness, developmental variations, disability, and violence and abuse are just a few of the issues that find their way into Daan’s works.


But Daan likes dragons. And magic. So he created his own worlds, where authors like Joanne Greenberg and Robin Hobb might mingle with secret wives and royal assassins.


Curse of the Fathers


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