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Legacy of the Firstborne Empire

By Evelon II Studios
Status: Canceled
Release Date: X

About the Game:

(This text is not final, and is not guaranteed to represent the official Back Cover Text)


Legacy of the Firstborne Empire is a Grand Strategy computer game unlike any others. It is set in a universe full of a hundred galaxies each with a thousand stars. In this game you direct various space faring civilizations to greatness. However, you don't control them directly, instead you control them through your God Cores, for you are a god. The religious Empires bow to your whims, while the wicked Anti-God Empires try to destroy anything related to you. All the other empires can be twisted to corruption, awakened to the truth, or more likely just try and become the greatest empire in the universe. As a god your ultimate goal is to wipe out the great Corruption by destroying Hearts of the Deceiver found throughout the universe.


However, before any of this can happen you must first be the god of the Firstborn Empire. They are the empire that all other sapient races, and all other empires came from. They were the first and one day they will fall. What comes next is the Legacy of the Firstborne Empire

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