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Update for Tales of the Alénarian

Quick update for those interested in my upcoming book Tales of the Alénarian. I have been spending the last few months really trying to promote the book, and hopefully reach a point where I am confident I can run a successful Kickstarter. I know I am asking for a lot for the book, but my dreams for the book require a lot. I hope to have the Kickstarter up and running by the end of year. I'll make certain to give lots of warning ahead of time. Subscribe to my site to keep up to date on the details, so you don't miss the Kickstarter when it launches.

For those who are interested in more info for Tales of the Alénarian: you can see my introductory post here:

I also have a brilliant review from that you should check out:

I also have more reviews on the way that I will be posting as I get them.

That's all from me. I hope to see you when the Kickstarter launches later this year.

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