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Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes

Shorts 1

Release Date: TBA
Status: Written

About the Book:

(This text is not final, and is not guaranteed to represent the official Back Cover Text)

This is the first collection of Short Stories written for the Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes Universe. This book contains seven stories of various lengths about events of things withing the universe.


The Story of Agent Allan Ali and his career in Earth Intelligence Service. Recruited at an age younger than is normal, he must survive on the Barbaric world of Evelon II for several years. Along the way he takes in young Avala daughter of Scya and cares for her as he remains a spy. This is Agent Allan Ali's story. This is what led to Avala's success.


The Story of Namjila's claiming of the Chardrik's soul. After being assigned by her wicked mother, Empress Daebla, to a Chardrik, Namjila is ordered to claim it soul for her the wicked woman. However Namjila has a little fun on the way, with her souls slave pet she creates a new child and links this child to her will. Finally she succeeds in killing the Chardrik, but the power is unlike any she had before. It finally allows her to kill her mother and take the throne for herself. This is the story of power and how it corrupts even already wicked souls.



The story of the first truly sapient AI. Using a unique substance reversed engineered from Yajixa technology the first truly sapient AI is created. However politics and human fear of anything different shuts down the project. Now this new AI has to prove to humanity that it can be trusted and be a friend. This is the story of Enaid, the first sapient AI in the Republic of Earth.



The story of Namjila's childhood. The little girl Namjila's awakening to power, and then being enslaved by the Ten Emperors. This little girl endures things no child should as her wicked mother transforms her into the horror Avala knows her as millions of years later. This is the sad start, to one of the greatest evils to have ever lived in the galaxy. This is the start of Namjila.



The story of the Elexia and her becoming a soul slave of Namjila. It happened during a date gone wrong. The date from hell, as evil struck down a truly beautiful love, and claimed two souls. Now Elexia must serve the master, no matter how she feels. This is the story of Elexia.


The story of Elexia's time as Commander of the Republic of Earth Intelligence Service. Shows the woman's brutality, and the hatred for her overlord that controls her every move. This is a story of rage, sadness, doubt, fear, and love.

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