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Avala: Fate and Destiny

Today I'd like to show off some bonus chapters for Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes. These chapters aren't part of the main story as they are from other people's points of view. They take place during Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes book 2, during the trial of the Echarikith Engine of Fate and Destiny. As people who read the book know, the Engine of Fate and Destiny is one of the seven Echarikith engines each having complete god-like power over one aspect of reality. The Engine of Fate and Destiny controls the flow of events and what is and isn't supposed to happen. These bonus chapters show off what Avala's allies witnessed in these trials, and what they are fated to have happen in the future.

Bonus Chapter 1

Alvaj’s Fate

(Alvaj's Trial of Fate and Destiny)

* * *

Allan opened his eyes. In front of him stood Avala she had a dagger in her hands and was coming towards him. He knew her. Why was she doing this? They were friends. He could easily stop her from attacking with a simple call of his spirit army. But would she actually attack? It wasn’t in her nature to attack her friends. And so rarely did she use knives. Allan shook his head. No, something else was happening. Avala, was simply trying to attack something behind him. Something he could not see.

He had a choice, allow her to carry out her attack on whatever she was targeting. Or make the first strike to defend himself from her wicked looking blade. He made the obvious choice. Avala wouldn’t actually try and kill him. Thus he stayed still and didn’t move, waiting for her to attack the thing behind him.

* * *

Allan opened his eyes. In front of him the legion upon legion of the Empire’s forces stood approaching through the gateway. Their leaders stood taunting Allan and his friends onwards. They wanted them to die here. He looked at his friends. Each of them was powerful, they all knew how to fight, and would sacrifice anything to defend those they loved. Yet it was only a small group of them, against an imperial army. There were countless spirits of the Mindscapes among them. What hope did they have?

But he had his spirit army. He knew they could rout this army. They could perhaps even close the gateway before it proved too late. All he would have to do was give the order. He shook his head. This army was a threat, sure, but they were the Republic of Earth. With their allies, and the Avalans, this army didn’t stand a chance, all they needed to do was survive in order to bring backup. He made the decision, they would make a strategic retreat, while at the same time informing everyone important in the Republic about the invasion force.

* * *

Allan opened his eyes. The shadow crusade was here, at Hydra III. Their weapon wasn’t ready for use yet, it was still in testing. However, if the Vrekhauk and the Vizhaan were successful, the star Hydra would turn into a black hole, as its light was sucked out it. He had seen it happen to other systems, such as the Tiber system, and the Enevery System. Now it would happen here. He had a choice, evacuate the planet, or use his spirit fleet to attack them.

He had long theorized his spirit army could use its fleet abilities and kill the Shadow Crusade forces, but had yet to try it out. If this worked, they would be able to fight the Shadow Crusade forces more efficiently. However if it failed, life would die on the planet, and the Command Center would be plunged into darkness. Not only that but once the star was black, the Vrendai would bear down on the world and consume anything that still lived, turning it to the shadows.

It was an impossible choice, but one he had to make. On the one hand, if the spirit fleet maneuver worked, they could save the rest of the galaxy with it. On the other, if he failed, countless deaths would be on his hands. He knew what he had to do. He had to save the galaxy. He let out the scream and ordered the spirit army to take on the fleet maneuver, the Dark Crusade would rue the day they messed with the Republic of Earth.

* * *

Allan opened his eyes. His little daughter lay dying in her bed. The doctors couldn’t cure her. She had somehow been touched by the Spirit Army during her birth, and now she was dying. There was only one thing that could save her. They had to make her an Avalan, just like her mother. But there was a problem with that. She was human. There was only one way to make her an Avalan, and that was for her to be a soul in a mindscape that was resurrected by the Echarikith.

The Echarikith were willing to do the process, but were not willing to wait until the girl died naturally. She may have been dying, but it could take years for her to finally pass. It was an impossible, yet obvious choice. He could give his child a second chance if he gave her the needle now. Or he could let her die naturally and cherish the time he had left with her.

He took a deep breath. He was the commander of the Intelligence Service, this was not a difficult task for him. He gave the order to the doctor. And turned away as the needle was injected.

Bonus Chapter 2

Sylvia’s Fate

(Sylvia's Trial of Fate and Destiny)

* * *

Sylvia opened her eyes. Before her lay the capital city of the Yajiran Empire. This was the final push to end Namjila once and for all. The entire armies of the Republic of Earth and its many allies stood before her. The humans of the Republic of Earth and the Empire of the Raven. The Egrogans of the Confederate. The Nerafin of the Consortium. The Rathvhaara of the Bloodborne empire. The Athakarins of the Peoples of Evelon II. The Saolavis of the Empire of the Twin Sisters. The Rathzakrus of the Rathza Machine. The Zhi’Tal of the Hive. And many, many others. Nearly all sapient races in the galaxy had banded together to take down the last remains of the Yajiran Empire. The Eternal Goddess Namjila would fall this day. The thousands of Avalans among their forces would ensure that.

The armies of the city came to meet them, led by Namjila herself. The evil Yajixa had claimed all but one of the Engines. The last one still alluded her. They had to stop her here and now, before she claimed that last engine. It was their sacred duty to all they had lost. However they had not expected Namjila to show up herself, even if when Sylvia herself knew she would. Their plans did not account for her being here.

She was left with a choice, retreat and save the army from the Eternal Goddesses wrath, or attack here and now, coming up with a new plan on the spot. Sylvia knew her army was no match for someone with six of the Echarikith Engines. However Sylvia had come to far to simple retreat now.

She made the decision. She would stand and fight. She gave the order, and the army charged, cheering one final battle cry “For the Galactic Alliance!” before rushing to their deaths.

* * *

Sylvia opened her eyes. She had received news that her husband had just killed their only child. It was shocking, but he had been threatening it for a while. Now he finally did it. Emotions flooded over her. Why? Why would anyone kill such a young child. The republic claimed the killing could not be called murder due to ‘reasons’. However Sylvia still wanted to strangle him to death.

She had a choice, forgive or get revenge. By revenge, their was so many things she could legally do. Demote him. Divorce him. Expel him from service. And then there were the things she couldn’t legally do, but could probably get away with. Such as arrange for him to have an accident. That left her with three choices, forgive, get revenge legally, or get real revenge.

The decision was obvious. She could not forgive him. But she could also not break the law. She wasn’t Elexia as she had been as a soul slave. She was Sylvia McCarthy, and although she sometimes broke the law, it was only for good and to help others. Never for personal gain. Thus she began to process to have her husband divorced, and expelled from service. That would teach him.

* * *

There were one of two groups of people Sylvia knew she could call on. The Mages of the Black Circle, the Black Ops division of the Republic of Earth could perhaps use their magic to push the Zegehra back. Or Commander Allan could use his spirit army to drive them back. However they only had enough energy to summon one group here. She would have to choose.

On one hand, Allan was a known friend and someone trustworthy. He wouldn’t turn on her, or leave her to die. On the other, the Black Circle was far more skilled with their abilities and powers. They would be able to deal with this force no problem, but could they be trusted.

After watching another soldier get consumed, Sylvia made the choice. She would summon Commander Allan Ali. She didn’t think she could trust the Black Circle right now. She sent out the order to summon the Commander, soon they would have a real fighting force here.

* * *

Sylvia had watched Avala turn of Allan Ali, using her young daughter to brutally kill him. She was obviously a monster. But still. This was Avala they were talking about. She couldn’t be that bad. Not in this universe or any other.

Sylvia only had a few minutes. She could save the girl; all it would take was using a bit of her power to heal her partially rended spirit. The choice was a no brainer. Avala deserved to live. She held out her hands and began to cure the rended spirit.

Bonus Chapter 3

Sallai’s Fate

(Sallai's Trial of Fate and Destiny)

* * *

She thought about it long and hard in the few moments she had. She was scared. Avala was about to face off against one of the Five Great Spirits. How did she hope to survive. She knew her adopted older sister had defeated others in the past, but this was different. The end of the world was coming.

She had two choices, stay and help Avala, or do as she said and get help. Sallai knew that in a mindscape there was no guarantee they wouldn’t be in there for days. If she did not warn someone then who would? She decided to make the right choice and warn others, so she turned to spirit form and flew off out of the structure.

* * *

He was asking her only one thing. Give him the pass codes to release Ijar, and she would live. Refuse, and the Yajixa killer blade would be plunged into her chest and she would die permanently. She hated him for this. He was a monster. But she had little choice. Avala couldn’t be trusted to rescue her. Not after she killed Alvaj the first time. All that was left was to give in. She nodded, and told him the passcode. She didn’t want to die.

* * *

There was another option. Zeyza. She could call upon the Rended Spirit to help her fight this enemy. The rended army was vast spanning the galaxy on mass. They were about the only things capable of truly fighting against the forces of the Great Pit. If Zeyza could be called upon, she could summon the army and launch an attack on the Shadow Crusade. However it would require a ritual that would take all of her energy. There would be no retreat.

Sallai knew she had to do something to stop this here and now. There was no way they could evacuate everyone. The only chance they had was to end it here and now. She made the choice to summon Zeyza and the Rended Army.

Bonus Chapter 4

Echarikith’s Fate

(Echarikith's Trial of Fate and Destiny)

* * *

Before her a young Nerafin girl was slowly waking up. The scene played out naturally, fate guiding itself. Echniath closed her eyes and ears to the whispers of fate as she was taught, not to block out fate but to see the truth of the matter. Avala had possessed and destroyed the mind of the Nerafin girl. Echniath was faced with a choice, end her here and now, or forgive her.

Echniath shook her head. She was guided by fate, not its master. She would not make the choice here and now. She would wait until the event actually happened, where she had all the information available to her. She was an Echarikith Mind Prophet, fate guided her, and she would not be a victim of this petty trick.

* * *

She knew the answer, she had done this. She had slaughtered millions of drones on the Core. Elizba felt sick, that one of their own could turn against such a thing.

The voice of Echniath pushed its way into her thoughts. It simply said, “Trial of Fate.”

Suddenly Elizba realized what was going on, and scolded herself for believing any of this was real. The legendary Trials of Fate of the Engine of Fate and Destiny. This wasn’t real. Daeblathzia might do something like this in the future, but she couldn’t let her present ideas of how things were to shape what happened here. She shook her head, no matter what choice was pushed before her, she would not take any until this future event came in earnest.

Finally the choice was brought before her. End Daeblathzia, or forgive. Elizba did neither. She would have to thank Echniath back in the present. She did not want to make bad choices here, especially when Daeblathzia might have had a good reason. Then again, she might not have. Either way, Elizba didn’t know enough to make a proper decision in the present. Thus she let the vision pass.

* * *

He had a choice. End her, here and now. Join her in shadows. Or forgive her and walk away.

The voice of the insufferable Echniath appeared in his head, “I hate you, but beware the Trial of Fate!”

The realization hit him like a rock. This wasn’t the real Daeblathzia! This wasn’t really drones of the Shadow Crusade! This was a clever illusion of fate and destiny. This was a trick meant to bind him to fate. Echniath might have been insufferable sometimes, but she had just saved him potentially making a bad decision. He shook his head. Nope. He had no decision to make. He was going to sit here, not making a decision until it let him out. He was Echarikith, not some pawn in the game of Fate and Destiny.

* * *

She had done this once before; a trial of Fate and Destiny. And she had made a bad decision in it. Not this time. The vision grew in strength. They were offering her a deal. Submit and get all the power in the world. Or refuse and watch all her friends die in agony.

She called out with the power of the consciousness to fight back this vision. She would not let fate be written in advanced without her full consent. She was the master of her own destiny! She was an Echarikith Mind General! She commanded the power of the Voice of the Consciousness to win wars and fight battles! She would not let this vision dictate her fate! She fought the bonds of the vision with the voice and it shattered into a million pieces. She was free.

Bonus Chapter 5

Elexia’s Fate

(Elexia's Trial of Fate and Destiny)

* * *

"You will pay now for your crimes!” the woman growled.

Elexia could feel a hidden power inside her. She could defend herself if need be. But would she hurt her own sister. Avala stood behind Elexia watching with an angry look on her face. Elexia must have truly done something really bad, if both Avala and Sylvia were against her.

She had a choice. Be punished for her crimes or defend herself and escape. She knew the answer. If Avala and Sylvia thought she would have to pay for her crimes this way, they were in the right. Avala was a beacon of good and Sylvia would never, ever hurt someone who didn’t fully deserve it. Elexia gave in as the blade sunk into her neck.

* * *

She had a choice, agree to the deal, and live with her lover in Reality once more. Or refuse, and only see her in her dreams. It was a difficult choice. What would happen if the Echarikith turned bad? Would she turn bad as well? Elexia was already used for evil once. She didn’t like the thought of being used for evil again. However the desire to live with her lover in reality once more was intense.

She knew the answer, so she agreed to be bound to the will of the Echarikith. She would serve them, and in exchange, Anya would live again.

* * *

There was no choice in this matter. Her life would never be more valuable than the life of a four-year-old child. She would hand herself over, just so her daughter could live. The Shadow Crusade could have her. She made the decision and proceeded to the coordinates.

* * *

This was an impossible choice. Avala would be here soon; wouldn’t she? Then they would both be safe. Yes, Avala was almost here. A third choice appeared, distract the Yajixa for just a few more minutes. She leapt on the choice and began asking questions. She made the questions sound like she was trying to weigh her options. Neither of them would die. Avala reformed her body, and Namjila fled, both she and Anya were safe once more.


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