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Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes

Book 1: Hope


Adjutant: One (or multiple) self-aware AI(s) hired by the Republic of Earth Intelligence Service. Hired to act as aides to all personnel within Republic Intelligence Service Headquarters.

Alvaj (Al-vah-jh): Code name of Agent Allan (Ah-Lan). Human man. Spy for the Republic of Earth. Former husband of Avala due to forced marriage during his period as a spy.

Athakarin (Ath-ack-uh-rin): Half-human/half-Yajiran. Appear human in every way other than round eyes with slit pupils and a bigger range of hair colors. Blood is orange. Primitive people of planet Evelon II. Worship the “spirits,” which are actually the Yajixa.

Athakri (Ath-ack-ree): Rebel Yajirans who revere the Echarikith.

Avala (Ah-vah-lah): Main character. Fourteen-year-old girl of the Athakarin race. First Yajixa freed from the Ten. Hometown of Childya. Gold hair, amber eyes.

Avalan (Ah-vah-lan): Former Yajixa who get their power from sources other than enslaved Echarikith. Avala is the first Avalan.

Avli (Av-lee): A Majiril guardian of Hideout: Yaji.

Avraintix (Av-rain-ticks): Great city close to the day side of Evelon II. Ruled by Fire King Vluad.

Axas V (Ax-ass): Fifth planet of the star Axas. Once an uninhabited planet, now the new core of the Echarikith.

Bell Toll: Measurement of time on Evelon II. One bell toll is about two hours.

Birth Rings: Seven rings made for every newborn Athakarin. Each one represents something about their birth.

Chardrik (Char-drick): A massive sapient organic creature from another galaxy. Begins growing on an asteroid or small moon. Produces breathable air around and inside it.

Childya (Chill-dyah): Hometown of Avala. Small backwater town close to the night side of Evelon II.

Crescent of Zayil (Crescent of Zay-yil): Name of the Moon of Evelon II.

Cycle (Evelon II): One cycle is twelve bell tolls. During each bell toll, the bells around a town ring once more than the previous bell toll, resetting after the twelfth toll.

Daigix (Day-gicks): Priest of Childya. One who sacrificed Vran. Body of the Yajixa, Yvan (Ee-van).

Empress Daebla (Day-blah): One of the ten original Yajixa and member of the Yajiran High Council.

Devalra (Deh-val-rah): Athakarin term for evil spirits. Essentially, humans.

Drilik Spider (Drill-ick): Ten-legged spiders of Evelon II.

Echarikith (Ehh-char-rih-kith): Ancient race of immortal beings that created mortal bodies for their drone spirits to inhabit. Has overarching consciousness that connects all drones. Disappeared three million years ago. Had entire race stolen from bodies by the first ten Yajixa. Natural form (only possible inside a mindscape) appears as giant skeletal-like creatures.

Echarikith Ancient Voice (Ehh-char-rih-kith): An alternate voice that is identical for all Echarikith. Words spoken in this voice have power. Known as the “Voice of the Consciousness” by the Echarikith.

Echniath (Ech-nee-ath): Member of the Echarikith race. Currently in the body of a little Yajiran girl. First Echarikith freed by Avala.

Ecrekio, the City of Bones (Ehh-creck-ee-oh): Underground city on Evelon II. Part city, part tomb, part ancient ruins of the Echarikith. Home of the Echarikith Walls of Prophecy.

Egrogan (Ee-grow-gan): An allied race of the Republic of Earth. Heavy build, humpbacked shoulders, turtle-like head.

Elexia (Ehh-lecks-ee-ah): Commander Sylvia’s identical twin sister. Former commander of Republic Intelligence. Killed by Yajixa years ago.

Elizba (Ee-liz-bah): Member of the Echarikith race. Currently in the body of a little human-like girl. Second Echarikith freed by Avala.

Eneragas (En-err-ah-gas): Home world of the Egrogans. A Chardrik covered in kilometers of rock and soil. Was dormant until a thousand years ago.


Entrallia (En-trah-lee-ah): Member of the Echarikith race. Currently lives in Avala’s mind within the body of a fourteen-year-old Athakarin girl. Looks identical to Avala, except has red hair and red eyes.

Eternal Fire: The day side of Evelon II. West of Childya and Ecrekio. East of Avraintix.

Evelon II (Ehh-veh-lon): Second planet of the star Evelon. It is tidally locked. The same side always faces the orbiting body. Only habitable area is a ring along the eternal sunset. Home world of the Athakarins.

Evyn (Ehh-vin): Former Yajixa, whom Avala freed and then linked to her mind.

Frozen Wastes: The night side of Evelon II. East of Childya and Ecrekio. West of Avraintix.

Heart Link: A device used by the Echarikith to create their core. Appears as a living stick with a crystal at the top.

Hideout: Avli (Av-lee): A cavern hideout on Evelon II inhabited by Athakri. The cave is guarded by a robotic or holographic “spirit beast” called Avli.

Human: Bipedal race from Earth. Originated long after the fall of the Echarikith. The main species of the Republic of Earth. Cannot be possessed by Yajixa.

HVRP: Holographic Virtual Reality Platform, a room that can create an illusion of being in different locations and situations.

Hydra III: Third planet orbiting the star Hydra. Home to the command center for the Republic of Earth Intelligence Service.

Ijar (Ee-jh-ar): One of the five eldest Yajixa on Evelon II. Currently possessing Fire King Vluad (Vloo-add) of Avraintix.

Ijix Bow (Ee-jh-icks): Bladed bow used by Yajirans and Athakarins.

Jindyo (Jind-yo): Yajiran slave husband of Empress Daebla.

Jira (Jeer-rah): Female Athakri. Security chief of Hideout: Avli.

Knakta Crystal (Kh-nack-tah): A type of crystal from Evelon II. Comes in different shades, including red.

Kyati Sword (Kh-yah-tee): A sword with a wide center part of the blade, capable of blocking arrows. Used by the Athakarins.

LR-VRP: Life-Replicating—Virtual Reality Platform. A secret project, similar to the HVRP, except it can create actual living beings. Based on reverse engineering of Echarikith technology.

Majiril (Mah-jh-ih-rill): An Athakarin spirit beast.

MELT Scan: A form of long-distance scanning using MELT transportation technology.

MELT Transporter: A form of long-distance transportation capable of transporting people and objects almost instantly between two star systems with very precise accuracy.

MELT Tunnel: Similar to MELT Transporters except it works automatically upon something entering it.

Mind Trap Field: A field that is supposed to prevent Yajixa from leaving or possessing bodies.

Mohavji Necklace (Moe-hav-jh-ee): A type of necklace worn by Athakarin women.

Namjila (Naym-jh-ee-la): Supposedly young, teenaged Yajiran Yajixa. Daughter of Daebla.

Nerafin (Nayr-rah-fin): Race of fish people. Can only breath underwater for a few hours. Traders and mercenaries. Informal allies of the Republic of Earth.

Noochi (Noo-chee): Member of the Echarikith race. Currently in the body of a male half-bat/half-man creature.

Northlands: Northern country of Evelon II. Known for its magics. Capital is the City of Trees. Ruled by Mage Queen Yamlai.

Orrain (Or-rain): Male Athakri scholar. From Hideout: Avli.

Salimith (Sah-lih-mith): Worm people from Egrogan mythology. Turned out to be not so mythological. Appear to be human-sized worms with arms and legs.

Soul Slave: A slave of the Yajixa whose soul has already been absorbed by the Yajixa but whose physical body is still animated by a projection of its soul.

Sylvia, Commander: Human female. Commander of the Republic of Earth Intelligence Agency.

Terrion System: (Tayr-ree-on): Star system where Namjila killed and absorbed the soul of a Chardrik.

Tethas IX (Teh-thas): Location of a Republic penal colony.

Vaix Dart (Vay-cks): Poisoned dart used by the Athakarins. Thrown from a sling.

Vran: Avala’s brother. Young adult Athakarin. His soul lives in Avala’s mind.

Wrakta Beast (Rack-tah): A beast of burden of Evelon II.

Yagra (Yah-grah): One of the five eldest Yajixa on Evelon II. Currently possessing Amalix (Ah-mah-licks), wife of the Fire King.

Yaji (Yah-jh-ee): Athakarin term for good spirits. Essentially Yajixa and Yajirans.

Yajiran (Yah-jh-eer-ran): Humanoid species. Has chains of scales instead of hair. Eyes are large with slits for pupils. Blood is golden. Came about due to cast-off bodies of the Echarikith.

Yajiran Spider Tank (Yah-jh-eer-ran): An eight-legged spider-like metal armored vehicle. Has a cannon on top and only one pilot.

Yajixa (Yah-jick-sa): Group of individuals who can transfer their consciousness to new bodies by “possessing” them. Can also absorb the souls of living things that die near them. Almost all are slaves to the original ten Yajixa. Draw their power from enslaved Echarikith.

Yasal (Yah-sal): Leader of the five eldest Yajixa on Evelon II. Currently processing Mage Queen Yamlai (Yam-lay).

Yvan (Ee-van): One of the five eldest Yajixa on Evelon II. Currently processing Daigix (Day-Gicks).

Zanji (Zan-jh-ee): An Echarikith whose soul was consumed by a Chardrik.

Zayil (Zay-yil): One of the five eldest Yajixa on Evelon II. Currently unknown who he is possessing.

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