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Timelines is a collection of works we wrote for the various Evelon II Studios stories that we eventually decided to replace for what we have today. Many of us don't typically plan too far ahead, so every so often we write something we don't exactly like. Each story starts off where it diverged from the true timeline, and ends at a point that we decided to rewrite. Many of them end in cliff hangers that will never be resolved because of this. In each one we put a After Thoughts section at the end to explain why that story path was the wrong one. We're not saying these stories aren't canon. Multiple timelines has always been a fascination of ours. Maybe there is a timeline out there in these universes where these things happened. Either way, by publishing these I hope to give people a glimpse at what could have happened, but didn't.  Enjoy!

Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes



Book 2 - Part 1

Chapters 1 - 2

Chapter 1

The eternal sunset cast long shadows across the forests of the Northlands, as Avala surveyed the area from the Abjar Hills. Near the northern horizon, the lights of Centravaj, the City of Trees shone ever bright. From her vantage point, she could see the Centravaji patrol making their way through the trees. She waited for them to leave before running quickly into the forests, looking for somewhere to hide.


Reports stated that there this area will riddled with caves. All she needed to do was to find one that was unguarded. She pulled out a flat device, its screen showing the area around her. A point of light flashed on the screen indicating a possible cave entrance. As she headed towards it she thought about what led her to this point.


Only a quarter year ago she was still the unhappy wife from a forced marriage. She had discovered that her husband was not Athakarin, but was instead a being from another world called a human. He took her away from her world and granted her freedom from their marriage, asking her to help them end the threat of their long time enemy; the Yajirans.


The Yajirans were a race of aliens who relied on an elite group of individuals, known as the Yajixa, to secure their superiority. The Yajixa had the ability to absorb the souls of the fallen into their minds, and could also transfer their consciousness to other bodies at will. As it turned out the Yajixa were bound to the will of the Council of Ten, the group of emperors and empresses of the Yajirans.


The Yajixa had for millions of years been presenting themselves as gods to primitives, eventually enslaving them to their empire. Avala's own people worshipped the 'spirits' who turned out to by Yajixa. Her people were the descendants of Humans and Yajiran rebels called Athakri who were killed and their children raised to be primitives. Avala had since made it her mission to free her people.


Fortunately for her, she discovered shortly after leaving her world, that she herself had been born with the power of the Yajixa. She escaped the grasp of the Yajiran leaders, and managed to free an ancient being from within her mind. This being was one of the long lost Echarikith.


It turned out that the Yajixa got their power from the Echarikith enslaved within their minds. The Echarikith was a massive collection of different appering beings with one thing in common, they were all drones of the Echarikith consciousness. Each one was truly another facet of the consciousness's mind, each with its own personality and appearance.


Three million years ago a meteor fell upon the Echarikith homeworld, in response the Echarikith Consciousness left all its body is fear, even those not in danger. This led to the surviving bodies gaining new minds and souls to fill the void were the Echarikith once inhabited. This led to countless sapient, and some non sapient, new species forming across the galaxy in a single instant. Since the Echarikith were capable of making new bodies for themselves on a whim, they decided to leave these new species to their own devices. This proved their undoing.


Shortly after this one of the new species, the Yajirans had discovered their powers and secrets, and built a device to capture the Echarikith from their bodies and place them in their minds. As the Echarikith had been forming their new core, which would be capable of creating new Echarikith drones, the Yajirans used their device. The Echarikith were capture all at once, trillions of them absorbed into the ten Yajirans. They became the first Yajixa, and the leaders of the Yajiran Empire.


The descendants of the Ten, which all Yajiran other than the Athakri were considered, would sometimes be born as Yajixa with a Echarikith trapped, but not enslaved in their mindscape. These individuals were taken from their families the moment the signs began showing themselves. They would then undergo a procedure to enslave the Echarikith to the Yajixa, and through that the Yajixa to the ten. Others came about due to individuals being made into Yajixa. They would be given a Echarikith into their mind, then would then undergo the same procedure as those born with it.


After she discovered her powers, and freed the Echarikith within her, she went on to aid the Republic of Earth in taking the Athakarin city Ecrekio, which was built inside an Echarikith ruins. Along the way she freed several other Echarikith from Yajixa, which resulted in the death of the Yajixa. However when she encountered a Yajixa who seemed to resent the ten, she found a way to save them, yet still free the Echarikith within them. During the final assault of the city she managed to free a whole group of Yajixa, and found a way to let them keep their powers. These former Yajixa would become known as Avalans, named after the first of their kind, her.


During the battle for the city, Avala accidentally captured the soul of an Yajiran Empress in her mindscape. This led to the Yajixa's Empress' daughter Namjila, who desired power above all else, seeing this as an opportunity to take he mother's place. She infiltrated Avala's mind and freed all the Echarikith from her mother's mind, killing her in the process.


Shortly after, Avala ended up absorbing the soul of a powerful world sized creature known as an Chardrik. Absorbing this creature's soul led her to gain power beyond what any Echarikith could grant her. She used this power to help defend the Echarikith in creating their new core. However she found out during the battle that Namjila also had been using a Chardrik as her power source, causing the two young girls to become bitter rivals.


Now several human months later, the Republic and the Avalans were attempting to take the area known as Northlands of Evelon II, the tidally locked homeworld of the Athakarins. The Echarikith were busy with matters on their core, and could not aid them, leaving them without the power of their ancient voice.


Avala reached the cave entrance, and found it was just a crack in the ground, barely big enough to fit through. She took a climbing grapple hook of of her waist and attached it to a nearby tree. She then climbed into the hole, using the nanofiber rope attached to her harness to support her weight. The cave opened up significantly once inside. It appeared that no major tunnels left the chamber other then one possibly at the bottom of a small pond. The cave floor was slanted, but its angle was not enough to hinder possible construction.


She pressed the release button for the grapple hook above and it came falling down the hole, activating anti gravity stabilizers within it to slow its descent. She took a head sized device out her pack and placed it down, pressing a button to activate it. The light at the top lit up and started flashing, indicating it was functioning. Moments nearly a dozen Yajirans melted out of the ground around it. She reached for a weapon at her side, pointing it at them.


“No need Avala,” the lead one said. His purple strands of scales on his head matched his large purple eyes, Avala recognized him as Evyn's Yajiran body, he was the first Yajixa who she had freed from the Yajirans. “Its just us Avalans.”


She lowered her weapon a bit, then probed into the mind of each of the Yajirans present. Each one let her mental probes in, allow their identity to be revealed to her. They were indeed Avalans, so she put the weapon back at her side.


She nodded at them, “When is Alvaj getting here?”


“He should be right after us, speaking of which we should clear the MELT area,” he said leading the other Avalans off to the side. He looked around the cave, smiling, and said, “this cave ought to do. It's big enough. And once we block off that hole up there we shouldn't have problems with flooding, we just need to find an entrance cave. But that's Aeli's job.”


Avala recognized the name of the Youngest Avalan, Aeli. She had been only five years old when she awoke as an Yajixa, though it had been more than a few decades since then when she was freed, her soul and mind was still that of a child's in many ways, since everything but the body of a Yajixa aged at extremely slow rates. She had been rescued at the battle for the Echarikith's new core, after she had possessed Avala's body. Though she was a child, she like all the other child Avalans, had so much battle experience by the time she was freed, that it nearly rivalled that of many human fighters. That meant that to refuse her aid on moral principles alone was foolish. She wanted to free her people as much as Avala wanted to free hers.


A group of humans and several large crates melted out of the floor around the beacon. They all wore form fitting white clothing with coloured strips down the right side. Since first seeing official Republic uniforms, she had since learned what the different colours meant. Gold meant command position. Red meant their job was in the field of Combat and Tactics. Green meant their job was in the field of Science, Medical, or Engineering. Blue meant they were non-essential personnel, meaning they were mostly civilians. The rare silver stripe was an indication of an agent or operative that was not out in the field. The purple stripe was a sign of diplomats.


The lead human man, the only one with a gold stripe, stepped forward and bowed to her and the Avalans. She had only seen Alvaj wearing this uniform within the last few weeks. He had recently been promoted due to his involvement in the events with the Echarikith.


“Greeting Sub Commander Allan,” Evyn bowed back.


Avala nodded, “Hi Alvaj.” She still called him by the name he had used when he infiltrated her home village. Back then she had been forced to marry him when she was eight, but he had never violated her. When he took her to his people, he had annulled the marriage due to multiple laws, including ones that prohibited forced marriage, and set the legal age of marriage at sixteen. She had come to appreciate him as a friend and mentor since then.


Alvaj nodded in acknowledgement. “We have work to do. We need this base operational by the time the moon next rises,” he said professionally.

Chapter 2

“All teams are to find anything we can use to our advantage, and report them back to this command post,” Alvaj told the Avalans before him.


The cave had been turned into a reasonable command post, and now they were sending out the Avalans in groups to find anything useful. The base itself was very similar to what they did with Avli. The entrance cave was protected by a construct of a spirit beast, that used holographic technology along with robotics. If given the right code and identity matrix, it would trigger a MELT transport into the base. The base itself had a MELT tunnel connected to Avli in the south, and to Ecrekio: the city of bones, the new headquarters of the Avalans.


Their goal now was to take the Northlands. To do that they needed advantages. To find them they needed the Avalans. Avala knew it was a risk, so each would be monitored via a MELT transponders implanted in their main bodies' skin. This would ensure that their location at least would be known if they went missing. As far as any of them knew, the Yajixa did not have the means to force other Yajixa, or Avalans in this case, out of their bodies. So as long as they stayed in their main bodies, everything would be okay.


Since many of the Avalans were still children, there was one adult, or teenage in some cases, leading each group. They would be responsible for the safety of their charges. Avala did not like using children to fight a war, but every single one of them had the experience and the desire to be of great aid to them. Thus it was decided by Commander Sylvia that they would use them.


There were fourteen teams in total, with between five to nine members each. Each team was given a letter from the Athakarin alphabet as their call sign.


Team Rhak had eight members and was led by Evyn, the first Yajixa she ever freed. Team Yaja had five members with the young woman Jilli in charge. The teen girl Sorja led team Jhin, wich had seven members. The Six members of team Sool was led by Sorja's twin sister Sorli. All nine of team Noa followed the lead of the middle aged man Xarj. Team Jila's five members were led by the elderly woman, Syana. The six members of team Yave were led by the young man by the same name. Team Sil and its seven members were led by the teen girl Yvali. Sindyo the young man led the eight members of team Vae. Yahla, a middle aged woman, led team Ilo and its seven members. Team Eth, which comprised of five members, was led by Yjixv a young man with quite the ego. The four youngest Avalans in team Ava were led by Avala herself. Team Layi and the nine members of it were led by Vayn the eldest from the Avalans freed at Ecrekio. Then there was Team Hait and its seven members led by Zira, the youngest of the leaders at the near eternal age of fourteen.


“Don't take any risks. Don't get near the city.”

After Thoughts

This was one of my attempts to write the first part of Book 2. The main problem I had with it was it was difficult to write. With so many new Characters introduced in a mere paragraph, it became impossible to keep track of everything. Also Avala had seemed to mature too much for my liking, using most of this technologies by herself. Also while writing this I seemed to forget just how few Avalans there actually were. They had no possibility to take the center of Yajixa control on the planet with the actual number of Avalans that was between twenty and thirty. I finally decided a covert attack on the city was best. Also Commander Sylvia or Republic Command would never be okay with children fighting. That along with Avala's enthusiasm with using children soldiers seemed wrong. Also after scraping this I scrapped the color coding for Republic uniforms for something different.


I did end up using some of the ideas from this timeline, but a lot of things were changed. In the final version most of the Avalans are still defending Ecrekio, or are out on their own missions.

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