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Added: June 28th 2019

Avala: Spirits of the Interviews

Episode 2: Echniath and Elizba - Hope

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Music from
"Danse Macabre - Xylophone" by Kevin MacLeod (

"Danse Macabre - Sad Part" by Kevin MacLeod (
Music Licence: CC BY (

All voices are done by Caleb Teal, either as himself or using a voice modulator.

© 2019 Caleb Teal. All rights reserved.

© 2019 Evelon II Studios. All rights reserved.

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Interviewer: Hello, I’m Caleb Teal author of the upcoming Avala Spirits of the Mindscapes series, and sole proprietor of Evelon II Studios. Today I’m going to interview Echniath and Elizba, two young girls from the sixty first century.

Elizba: We’re far more ancient than you!

Echniath: Yeah, we only look like little girls!

Elizba: These are just our most recent bodies!

Interviewer: Back to what I was saying, these Ancient beings from the future in an alternate reality are considered heroes in the Republic of Earth in the year 6099. They are part of the Echarikith Consciousness, though they do have their own individuality.


Interviewer: We’ve already heard from both of you, but can the two of you introduce yourselves?


Echniath: Hi, I’m Echniath of the Echarikith mind prophets.

Elizba: Hi, I’m Elizba of the Echarikith. I’m not anything special like Echniath, I’m just of the Echarikith.

Voice of the Consciousness: And we are the Echarikith voice of the consciousness!


Interviewer: Okay so we’ll start off with asking you this: before the past year what were you two doing.

Echniath: Enduring our enslavement by the Yajixa for three million years!


Elizba: You’d think you’d do your research before asking such a thing!


Interviewer: I already knew, I’ve already written the novelization of Avala’s first year as a Yajixa, after all. This is for our listeners, and potential readers. So on to the next question. What can you tell us about the past year for the two of you? How was the journey?

Elizba: We’re free now! We’re no longer enslaved!


Echniath: Well a few of us anyway… I wish it could be all of us.


Elizba: We also got our Eighth Core made. That will help new drones come about.


Echniath: And we have a new savior, Avala!

Interviewer: Can you tell us what your role in this past year has been, how the two of you made an impact?


Echniath: Sort of like this!

Elizba: Sort of like this!


Voice of the Consciousness: We hear the knock on the door! We see him open the door! We see someone hand him free Pizza! We see everyone enjoy the Pizza!


Interviewer: Free pizza? Honestly that never going to –

(Knock on the Door)

Pizza Delivery Person: I’m here to give you a free Pizza! You’re neighbor payed for it, and decided to give it to you instead. Claimed they felt compelled


Interviewer: Thanks?

Interviewer: Okay! Who wants free Pizza?

(Hold Music)

Interviewer:  We’re back from our spontaneous pizza break. It was quite delicious.

Elizba: Yep! It was!

Echniath: Mm-hmm!

Interviewer: Now back to our interview. As I’ve already mentioned earlier, I’m writing a novelization of Avala’s first year as a Yajixa. Is there anything you would like to tell the readers about that?

Echniath: Don’t trust Noochi! He’s weird and strange!

Elizba: Don’t listen to her, she just doesn’t like him very much. Noochi is cool!

Echniath: What I can say is this… we may not always be the good guys...

Elizba: ...But we’ll never intentionally turn on Avala, our greatest hero.


Interviewer: A bit of preluding to something?


Interviewer: Thank you Echniath and Elizba. For our listeners our there, Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes – Book 1: Hope is a young adult’s novel about Avala’s first year of a real adventure, along side friends like Echniath and Elizba. It is due to be out no later than June 2020, though hopefully it will be out by end of year 2019. It is an action packed adventure about a teenage girl who awakens an ancient precursor race that disappeared million years ago.


Interviewer: Until next time, Caleb Teal, signing out.

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