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Character Profile: Avala


Full Name: Avala daughter of Scya

Gender: Female

Birthdate: 3rd of the Month of Spirits, 1918 years after creation (Athakarin Calander)

Age as of Book 1: 14 (Evelon II years), 13 almost 14 (Earth Years)

Homeworld: Evelon II

Hometown: Childya Village, Ecrekio Valley

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Parents: Ravar son of Kovor (Father), Scya daughter of Yamlai (Mother, deceased)

Siblings: Vran son of Ravar (Deceased)

Rank: Leader (Avalans), Rank F Special Agent (EIS)

Faction: Republic of Earth

Friends and Associates: Allan Ali, Sylvia McCarthy, Vran, Echniath, Elizba, Noochi, Evyn

Personality: Naive, Breaks Down Too Close to Men, Kind, Vengeful

Ethnicity: Mixed Ethnicity: Ecrekio Cold Lands and Northlands Temperate

Skin Color: Very Pale

Eyes: Athakarin Round Amber Eyes, Slit Pupils

Hair: Shoulder Length, Straight, Golden Color

Height: 5' 1" (154.94 cm)

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