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Evelon II Studios was founded in Early 2019 By Caleb Teal to facilitate the creation of both written works and video games,


Caleb was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, but moved to Ottawa when he was really young. In his early years he suffered from a lot of problem with mental health, though it wasn't until much later that he was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. When he was in grade 3 it became his dream to be a writer. He wrote his first attempt at a book then, it ended up in the school library. His parents also thought it was cute.

During his 12th grade he dropped out of high school, not because he couldn't get good marks, since he was constantly getting 90s or above, but because of anxiety due to Generalized Anxiety Disorder. During the years after that he attempted writing a series of books that never saw the light of day. Eventually he decided to scrap them and instead focus on a new hobby of programming his own video games.

When he was around 21 to 22 years old, he decided to get his GED (Generalized Education Diploma) and passed with flying colors, His mark said he had the knowledge and skill level of the top 25% of High School graduates. He continued to work on video game projects, hoping to go to college for Game Design. All that changed when he sat down at his computer one day and started typing again.

It started as an experiment. he would write a book, without planning ahead more than a paragraph or two. He would let it evolve as he wrote, and see where it would lead. If he and his beta readers thought it was good enough to publish when it was done, he would. He grew to love this story, and the characters within it. By the time he finished writing it (took around a month or a half) he decided he would not only publish it, but also create an entire series for this story, hopefully with no foreseeable end.

As time passed, he began once again working on programming video games and realized he could fulfill more than just one of his dreams. He could write both novels and video games. Thus was born the idea of Evelon II Studios. A company dedicated to Epic Stories and Great Games.

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