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Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes

Book 3: Ruins




Adjutant AV8-92: An Adjutant of Aldrin City.

Adjutant: A form of fully-sapient Artificial Intelligence that runs day to day operations for many parts of the Republic of Earth. There are many Adjutants out there, each running a different Adjutant network.

Advanced Body Forger: A Yajixa device capable of creating new bodies with their own souls, mindscapes, and spirits.

Aldrin City: A city on Mars near the Eridania Jungle.

Allan Ali, Commander (Alvaj): Human man. Commander of the Earth Intelligence Service. Former husband of Avala during his undercover work on Evelon II.

Alvlisia daughter of Ilga: The current body of Scya.

Amalix: Child wife of Fire King Vluad, and current body of Yagra.

Andromeda: The nearest non-dwarf galaxy to the Milky Way.

Antarctica: The southern most continent of Earth, covered in ice.

Athakarin: A race of part human, part Yajiran from the planet of Evelon II. Aside from their round eyes and slit pupils, they are mostly human.

Athakri: Yajiran Rebels and ancestors of the Athakarin.

Avala daughter of Scya: The main hero of the story. Sixteen-year-old Athakarin girl. The leader of the Avalans.

Avalan: Rebel Yajixa. A form of spirit of the mindscape powered by Echarikith crystals instead of actual Echarikith. They are led and named after Avala.

Avalon: Homeworld of the Emerald Guard.

Avraintix Plains, Nation of the: An Athakarin nation with its capital being Avraintix. It is between the Nation of the Southlands and the Nation of the Farmlands.

Avraintix, City of Fire: An Athakarin city on the other side of the world from Ecrekio. It is the capital of the nation of the Avraintix Plains. It is a city near the day side of the planet, near the equator, thus it experiences almost no seasons, and is always extremely hot. It is ruled over by Fire King Vluad.




Beam Pistol: A form of Republic of Earth gun that fires a beam of energy instead of physical bullets. Most Republic of Earth beam weapons have a stun setting which instead stuns the target.

Black Alloy: A form of spirit alloy that prevent spirit forms from passing through them.

Black Circle: A mysterious organization spoken only in whispers usually brough up in situations involving unexplained seemingly magical phenomena.

Blessing of Tavalo: A blessing given to the rare few Athakarin women, granting them all the rights of Athakarin men.

Bloodborne Empire, The: A galactic power ruled over by the Rathvhaara.




Cash: A human man. Information Specialist of Fire Squad.

Cast-Off Races: Sapient races from across the galaxy that had been left behind after the Echarikith left their former bodies, producing these races.

Chardrik: A world sized sapient creature that consumes everything in their star system to grow bigger over centuries. They are from the far off reaches of the universe. They also make extremely powerful mindscape power sources. Their hearts and brains can be extended and grown in other mindscapes to allow for extension of that power source. The hearts allow the owner of the Chardrik’s soul complete subjugation of the lesser mindscape, while the brains allow for free will.

Chems: A Human man. The medical specialist of Fire Squad.

Childya Village: A small Athakarin village near the night side of Evelon II, near the equator, thus it experiences almost no seasons, and is constantly below freezing. It is the hometown of Avala. It is part of the nation of Ecrekio.

Cipher Oculus I9V: Chem’s personal AI.

City of Ruins: The capital city of the Athakarin nation of the Ruinlands. It is in the middle between the night side and day side of the planet, and a ways south from the equator so it gets mild seasons.

City of Trees: The northern most Athakarin City, located on the North Pole, where the tidally locked world causes it to have yearly seasons from very hot in the summer, to very cold in the winter. It was captured by the Republic of Earth in book 2.

Crescent of Zayil: The moon of Evelon II.




Daebla: A former member of the Ten Yajiran Emperors. Defeated in Book1.

Daeblathzia: An ancient Echarikith Mind Paragon, one of the Mind Generals, who’s cast off body became Daebla. She is a friend of Avala.

Daigix: The former Athakarin body of Yvan. He was the head priest of Childya Village. Killed in book 1.

Dark Champion, The: A prophesied bringer of doom of Athakarin myth. Another name for the Great Traitor or the Great Witch.

Devalra: Athakarin word for humans.




Earth Intelligence Service: The military intelligence service of the Republic of Earth.

Echalon: Echarikith city ships, used to transport vast amounts of drones before the creation of MELT technology.

Echarikith Crystal: A crystal that houses the Echarikith’s power, to be used as a power source for a mindscape.

Echarikith: A ancient precursor race with a united consciousness. Their drones have their own individuality and the complete capability to make their own decisions as long as it does not go against the will of the consciousness.

Echarithkan: An ancient name for the Echarikith, before they came to this universe.

Echhaar: A split-off consciousness of the Echarikith that has become obsessed with death. They dwell in the Underworld.

Echniath: An Echarikith drone that takes the form of a young Yajiran girl. A friend of Avala.

Ecrekio Valley, Nation of the: An Athakarin nation with its capital being Ecrekio. It is located between the Nation of the Northlands, and the Nation of the Ruinlands.

Ecrekio, City of Bones: The capital of the Nation of Ecrekio Valley, near the equator, but midway between the night and day sides of the planet, thus it is temperate. However most of the city is underground, in vast caves, and carved out tunnels. It was once an Echarikith city, then it was inhabited by the Athakri, before it became a city for the Athakarin. The Athakarin also use a lot of its unused portions for tombs from people from all over the world. The tunnels of Ecrekio are so vast that they possibly cover thousands of kilometers in every direction, and several hundred kilometers downward. It was captured by the Republic of Earth in Book 1.

Egrogan: A race of squat people with turtle-like head and a fondness for Epicness.

Egypt: A region of Earth surrounding the northern Nile River, and northern Sahara desert in Africa.

Elexia McCarthy: Human woman. The former commander of the Earth Intelligence Service, before Sylvia McCarthy. Twin sister of Sylvia McCarthy. Former soul slave of Namjila. Was rescued from Namjila in book 2.

Elizba: An Echarikith drone that takes the form of a young human girl. A friend of Avala.

Emerald Guard: A so called rebel group of Yajixa who claim to have created humanity. They are led by Rathinus.

Enaid: The first ever Adjutant of the Republic of Earth, and the first ever fully sapient AI.

Enchal Ada: The Echarikith name for Earth.

Enchal Excos: The Echarikith name for Pluto.

Enchal Vra: The Echarikith name for Mars.

Enchratthak: Yajixa word for one of the Yajixa Emperors.

Engine of Fate and Destiny, Echarikith: An Echarikith Engine who’s power has to do with fate and destiny.

Engine of Possibilities, Echarikith: An Echarikith engine with power over what is and isn’t possible.

Engine of Time, Echarikith: An Echarikith engine focused on the power of Time and Space.

Engines, Echarikith: Seven powerful entities each with god-like power over a specific function of reality, such as the Engine of Time, and the Engine of Fate and Destiny.

Eridania Ruins: Echarikith ruins in the Eridania Jungle.

Eternal Fire: The sun of Evelon II, usually it remains motionless in the sky due the planet being tidally locked. In most habitable places, it is just under the horizon. The Eternal Fire, is also the name for the uninhabitable regions of Evelon II directly under the light of the home star, which is a scorched barren wasteland where everything is quick to burn, and even rocks slowly melt in the heart of it.

Evarel: A Yajiran little girl. An Avalan. A former Yajixa who had been freed while possessing Avala’s body at the battle for the Echarikith core in Book 1.

Evelon II: The homeworld of the Athakarins, a Tidally locked world with a tilted axis. The tidally locked nature means that only a ring around the eternal sunset and sunrise is habitable. However the tilted access allows season to drifted the habitable ring towards the day and night side in a yearly cycle, causing seasons.

Evliicc: The Adjutant responsible for the old Republic of Earth colony on Evelon II.

Evyn: A Yajiran man. One of the first Avalans.

Executive Commander: A rank in the Republic of Earth given to a Commander who is missing in action, then reappears years later after a replacement has been found. It’s only given out if the individual is still fit for duty and proven to be loyal and did not go AWOL.




Farmlands, Nation of the: An Athakarin Nation of Evelon II between the Nation of the Northlands and Nation of the Avraintix Plains.

Fire Squad: The most elite special forces team in the Republic of Earth, led by Jace “Lionheart” Tiger.

Force of Will: The ability to affect objects in reality using one’s mind. Both Echarikith and Spirits of the Mindscapes are capable of it, though it takes a lot of will power to master.

Fourth Core: A term used to designate anything Echarikith in origin originating from the reign of the Fourth Echarikith Core.

Frozen Wastes: The night side of Evelon II. It is a frozen landscape, where ancient seas that once covered the planet now lay frozen solid in the eternal darkness.




Gold Stars of the Hero: The highest commendation able to be received in the Republic of Earth.

Great Pyramids of Giza: Ancient Echarikith structures in Egypt on Earth.

Great Spirits, The: The elder gods of the Athakarin Faith. Yasal, Ijar, Yvan, Zayil, and Yagra.

Great Traitor, The: A prophesied bringer of doom of Athakarin myth. Another name for the Great Witch or the Dark Champion.

Great Witch, The: Another name for Avala, and a prophesied bringer of doom in Athakarin mythology. Another name for the Great Traitor or the Dark Champion.

Greth Hounds: A type of herbivorous dog-like creature from Evelon II that liked to friendlily pounce on people.




Haneul Otieno, Officer: A security officer of Aldrin City.

Heat-cancellation field: A field that put the temperature in an area in the field to a relatively comfortable temperature.

Hideout Avli: A former Athakri hideout on Evelon II.

High Queen: A leadership position of the Bloodborne Empire.

Holographic Disguise: Technology capable of changing someones appearance and voice.

Hydra III: The third world of the star Hydra. Is the location for the command center for the Earth Intelligence Service.




Ijar: The Great Spirit of War of the Athakarin Faith. Truthfully, he is one of the five Yajixa generals in charge of Evelon II. He is the lover of Yagra.


Ijaran: A form of rebel Yajixa fueled by rage crystals.

Ijix Bow: A type of bladed Athakarin bow.

Ilka Illés, Doctor: One of Professor Robert Obama’s team members.

Informatium, the: A massive digital databanks of all known knowledge and records in the Republic of Earth. Possibly an evolution of things like Wikipedia.

Intelligence Contact Lenses: Contact lenses able to show information about various things in the world around the wearer.




Jace “Lionheart” Tiger: A human man. Leader of Fire Squad.

Jungle of Eridania: A jungle on the terraformed mars.




Kocheketh: The Echarikith word for a spaceport.

Kraachor: The Echarikith word for Observatory.

Kriinose: A type of furry bird.




Lavrasta: A former Yajixa.

Lily Thomas, Supreme General: Elderly human woman. The current Supreme General of the Republic of Earth.




Mars: The fourth planet of the Sol System. Formerly uninhabitable. It has since been terraformed to be suitable for human inhabitation. Also, the site of many Echarikith ruins.

Mathew Hanson, Doctor: One of Professor Robert Obama’s team.

Matter Replicators: Devices capable of replicating items and food.

MELT trap: Something that intercepts a MELT transport, reforming the transported people or goods inside the trap, usually to be captured or killed.


MELT: A form of rapid long range transportation and scanning technology, capable of going far faster than the speed of light, making it near instantaneous.

Mind General, Echarikith: An Echarikith drone that is either Mind Paragon or on the path of becoming a Mind Paragon who uses the power of the voice of the consciousness to command legions of Echarikith drones.


Mind Healer, Echarikith: An Echarikith drone that is either Mind Paragon or on the path of becoming a Mind Paragon who uses the power of the voice of the consciousness to heal mindscapes, bodies, spirits, souls, and everything else.


Mind Paragon, Echarikith: An Echarikith drone who has mastered directed intentional self-guided use of the Voice of the Consciousness in a specific area of use. Where normally the consciousness is the master of the drones, in their case, the drone’s individual identity becomes the master of the consciousness.

Mind Prophet, Echarikith: An Echarikith drone that is either Mind Paragon or on the path of becoming a Mind Paragon who uses the power of the voice of the consciousness to write the future, and dictate history that has yet to come.


Mindscape Command Stone: A stone carved with one of the Universal Symbols of the Mindworld on it, giving souls who wield them incredible power in the mindworld based on the symbol on the stone.


Mindscape: An individual portion of the mindworld belonging to a specific individual. For Spirits of the Mindscapes, the Mindscape is often filled with souls and has some sort of power source that gives that Spirit of the Mindscape their power.


Mind-Trap Field: A technological field that prevents spirits of the mindscapes from entering spirit form, leaving them trapped in their bodies.


Mindworld: The reality in which all mindscapes are housed.


Mohavji Necklace: An expensive Athakarin necklace.




Namjila: One of the Yajixa. Killed her mother to ensure she would take her place as one of the ten Yajixa Emperors. Archnemesis of Avala.

Nerafin: A race of people with fish-like heads.

New Los Angeles: A former city on Earth. Was destroyed in Book 2.

Nexus Mage, Echarikith: An Echarikith who has memorized all the code phrases to open the various gateways in a Echarikith Nexus.


Nexus of Universes: A mysterious place that connects all universes.

Nexus, Echarikith: An Echarikith structure that connects portals between locations in a star system. When a gateway is used it remains open until another is opened. They are controlled by Echarikith Nexus Mages.

Noochi: One of the Echarikith drones. Takes the form of a humanoid bat-like creature. A friend of Avala.


Northlands, Nation of the: The northern most Athakarin nation of Evelon II. It’s capital is the City of Trees.




Originator of Destruction: A massive Echarikith device placed on Echarikith worlds designed to use the power of the Echarikith Engines to wipe away all life on a planet as a last case scenario type situation.




Plane of Ijar: A hell from Athakarin myth, a fiery place where those who practice witchcraft and follow the Devalra and the Great Witch are said to go at the end of the world. Possibly another name for the mindscape of Ijar.

Planetary Command: A republic base on Evelon II, hidden in the caves of the former Hideout Avli of the Athakri.

Prime Minister: The leadership position of the Republic of Earth.

PTSD: Stands for post-traumatic stress disorder. A mental condition in many races caused by one or multiple traumatic events. Can be close to cured by the Republic medical system, but it will always remain just under the surface, and another traumatic event can bring it back.




Rahakaha / Septose XI: A planet in Bloodborne Empire space, home to the Vault of the Engine of Time.

Rathinus: The leader of the Emerald Guard, a former Emperor of the Yajixa.

Rathvhaara: A sapient race of humanoid, with bat-like wings from the Bloodborne Empire. Rathvhaara Children can not speak in anything other than Child Speak an instinctual language due to being unable to process regular sounds until they are the equivalent age of a human teenager. Rathvhaara children also survive solely on a diet of blood where they eventually transition to a meat-based diet in adulthood.


Redhorn: A Human man. Melee Specialist of Fire Squad.

Rend: The severing of a spirit from even being able to take a body again. It is essentially the closest thing to true death a Spirit of the Mindscape or Echarikith can have.

Republic of Earth: The main human-led Galactic power.

Robert Obama, Professor: A male human scientist. Previously worked with Avala in Book 2.

Ruinlands, Nation of the: An Athakarin Nation of Evelon II between the Nation of the Southlands and Nation of the Ecrekio Valley. Its capital is the City of Ruins.




Sacrekor: A beast from Athakarin myth, the pet of Yagra, who devours girls who don’t submit to men or Yaji. Possibly another name for Yagra’s mindscape.

Salalixa: A Yajiran teenage girl. Friend of Zahlija, and former body of Namjila. Now an Avalan.

Sallai daughter of Suuli: Athakarin preteen girl. One of the Avalans. Apprentice to Avala. Adopted daughter of Avala.

Sataris: The leader of the Yajixa Emperors.

Scya daughter of Yamlai: Avala’s mother, an Athakarin woman.

Shade: A spiritual entity of the underworld, made of darkness and shadows.

Shadow Crusade: A great a terrible threat that is coming from the void in six and a half years.

Siloth the Unmaker: An Echarikith mind paragon known for his power over creation and destruction.

Silver Stars of the Hero: A commendation for the Republic of Earth.

Sixth Core: A period of Echarikith history during the reign of their sixth Core.

Sol System: The home star system of the Humans, home of Earth and Mars.

Sorkath: A former Yajixa.

Soul Slave: A form of slavery in which a soul from a mindscape is partially reintegrated into reality, allowing them to be under complete control by the master Yajixa.

Soul: The life force of a living entity. All multi-cellular living organisms have souls.

Southlands, Nation of the: The southern most Athakarin nation of Evelon II. Its capital is the City of the South.

Special Forces: The best of the best when it comes to military operations in the Republic of Earth.

Spirit Beam: A form of spirit magic, where someone focuses their spirit into a beam of energy, usually coming out of their hands, but can also be shot out of any body part, such as individual fingers or eyes.

Spirit Form: A form of travel for Spirits of the Mindscape where they either leave their body behind, or absorb their body into their mindscape, releasing their spirit to travel through reality. Only Echarikith and Spirits of the Mindscapes can see spirit forms, though rarely others can as well.


Spirit of the Mindscape: A powerset involving spirit-form, spirit magic, possession abilities, mindscapes, and soul absorption.


Spirit Scream: A type of spirit sound heard not with one’s ears but felt with their spirits. It sounds like a million voices screaming at once. Spirit screams can convey a whole lot of information at once.


Spirit: Either the ghost of someone long gone, or a part of a living person that gives them their identity.


Spirit-Roar: A type of spirit sound heard not with one’s ears but felt with their spirits. It sounds like a million monsters roaring at once. Spirit roars can convey a whole lot of information at once.


Srakastar: A former Yajixa.


SRAYEN: Spirit Rending Anti-Yajixa and Echarikith Neurorifle. A weapon designed to rend Yajixa and Spirits of the Mindscapes.


Stasis Field: A technological field that freezes everything in it in place, but making the air solid, except for air passages to allow breathing.


Stephan Harris, Prime Minister: The Prime Minster of the Republic of Earth.


Supreme General: The rank in charge of the entire Republic of Earth military.


Sylvia McCarthy, Executive Commander: Human woman. The former Commander of the Earth Intelligence Service. Successor to Elexia McCarthy. Current Executive Commander of the Earth Intelligence Service.


Syran Beast: A horned, black, horse-like animal of Evelon II. They make a loud, deep, horn-like sound.




Tendralach: The Echarikith name for the Originator of Destruction.

Terran Credits: A form of Republic of Earth currency.

Thunderfist: A human man. Fire Squad Munition specialist.

Tinker: A human woman. Tech Specialist of Fire Squad.

Tiny: A human woman. Martial Arts Specialist of Fire Squad.

Translation Chip: A chip-based implant in the base of the mouth that allows for translation from anything spoken or heard by the person its implanted in.




Underworld: The remains of the seventh Echarikith Core, now the home of the Echhaar.


Universal Symbol of the Mindworld: Strange Runes that show up everywhere in the Mindworld, and are often used by the Echarikith. Each one seems to hold a great amount of power in them.




Vaix Darts: A form of Athakarin darts thrown from a sling.

Vajkaina: A Yajixa term for a rended spirit.

Vhiahkna, High Queen: The High Queen of the Bloodborne Empire.

Vluad, Fire King: The current body of Ijar, and the leader of the Nation of Avraintix Plains.

Voice of the Consciousness, Echarikith: A voice of the Echarikith Consciousness that can be channeled through drones to effect reality through their words.

Void, The: A place meant to cage the worst of the Progenitors.

Vrakton: A Yajixa measurement of time, roughly three hours.

Vran: Avala’s older brother. Sacrificed at the start of book 1 to the Yaji. Now a soul in Avala’s mindscape.

Vrastar: A former Yajixa.




Warp Ship: A ship that uses warps spacetime to more inedible distances, without breaking the laws of physics.

Wild Hunt: A small set of armored shades riding armored shade steeds, summoned from the Underworld. There are many myths from Earth that try to say that the Wild Hunt are the fallen gods of the Norse, killed during Ragnarök.

Winged Serpent: The god of the Yajixa.

Woden: An entity that Zihazana called upon. The leader of the Wild Hunt. Woden is also a mythological god from Earth, possibly related to the Norse god Odin.



Yagra: the Great Spirit of Family and Children of the Athakarin Faith. Truthfully, she is one of the five Yajixa generals in charge of Evelon II. She is the lover of Ijar.

Yaji: The Athakarin word for Yajiran or Yajixa.

Yajiran Biopolymer Neurofilm: A form of advanced alien material created primarily in a mindscape, used in the construction of Adjutants and SRAYENs.


Yajiran body Restorer: A Yajiran device able to reconstruct bodies, or construct new soulless bodies for inhabitation by Yajixa.


Yajiran Empire: The dominating force in the galaxy led by the ten Yajixa Emperors.


Yajiran: The original race of the Yajixa. Humanoid, with large round eyes with slits for pupils, and strands of scales for hair.


Yajixa: The elite of the Yajiran Empire, a type of Spirit of the Mindscape that is capable of possession, spirit magics, and absorb souls into their mindscapes.


Yamlai, Mage Queen: The former body of Yasal, killed in Book 2.


Yasal: The leader of the Great Spirits of the Athakarin faith. Truthfully she is the leader of the Yajixa generals in charge of Evelon II. She was defeated in Book 2.


Yvan: The Great Spirit of Wealth of the Athakarin Faith. Truthfully, he is one of the five Yajixa generals in charge of Evelon II. He was defeated in Book 1.




Zahlija: A Yajiran girl, who became the second body of Avala.

Zajilra: A Yajixa rank of a child of one of the Emperors.

Zayil: The Great Spirit of the Moon of the Athakarin Faith. Truthfully, he is one of the five Yajixa generals in charge of Evelon II.

Zeyza: One of the Emerald Guard members to help Avala take the City of Trees. She died in book 2.

Zi’rath’vei: The progenitors of all.

Zihazana: The Yajixa daughter of Namjila, infused with the power of the Underworld, making her in charge of the forces of the Underworld.

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