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Are you a fan of Tabletop Roleplaying Games?


Then perhaps you'll be interested in helping to playtest the Tales of the Alénarian official Tabletop Role Playing Game!

Designed by the author of Tales of Alénarian, the Official RPG takes the Tales of the Alénarian story to a whole new level, your tabletop. In the base version of this game you're able to play as one of 38 classes, 15 races, and 18 culture, with additional classes, races, and cultures planned for further expansions. This game follows the Evelon II RPG System, which works mechanically similar to the famous D20 system but taking its own path to make a truly unique game. Easy to learn for any familiar with the rules of the D20 5e system, but different enough not to step on copyright laws, this game really brings life to the Tales of the Alénarian series.

The planned accompanying Book of Desires brings the regular base RPG to a more adult audience, touching on subjects like the Children of Altianas, Lust Misarian, and other things of lust, desire, and love. Adding 3 new classes, new class options for each of the classes from the core rulebook, new monsters, allies, and foes; 2 new cultures; and new rules to bring the more sexual aspects of the book into the game. The Book of Desires will be released alongside the Core Rulebook in order to satisfy an adult audience.

Both the base game and the Book of Desires still needs plenty of playtesting before they are ready to hit the shelves, so we are looking for experienced GMs to playtest it with groups of various sizes. GMs who help test can look forward to official signed copies of the Core Rulebook, Tome of Entities, Game Master Guide, and Book of Desires when they release as well as other goodies that are as of yet to be decided.

If your interested in learning more, or want to sign up for official playtesting, then fill out the form below. If we accept you, we will put you on the list, and contact you when we are ready to start.


Current estimates put Playtesting starting by June 2024.. 

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