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Added: June 28th 2019

Avala: Spirits of the Interviews

Episode 1: Avala - Hope

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All voices are done by Caleb Teal, either as himself or using a voice modulator.

© 2019 Caleb Teal. All rights reserved.

© 2019 Evelon II Studios. All rights reserved.

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Interviewer: Hello, I’m Caleb Teal author of the upcoming Avala Spirits of the Mindscapes series, and sole proprietor of Evelon II Studios. Today I’m going to be interviewing Avala daughter of Scya from the sixty first century. For those of you who don’t know, Avala is a hero of the Republic of Earth during the sixty first century in an alternate reality. She is an Athakarin, one of the Half Human / Half Yajiran of the planet Evelon II.

Interviewer: Hello Avala, so glad you could be here today. Can you say hello to our listeners?


Avala: Um… hello?

Interviewer: So, we’ll start off by asking you what your childhood was like? I know, random question, but still.


Avala: It was terrible! At age eight I was forced to marry Alvaj… but he turned out okay… I guess. But still, I didn’t realize at the time he was a human spy. We never did anything sexual together or anything… fortunately. He said I had to wait until I was sixteen, which recently found out is the ‘age of consent’ of the Republic of Earth. But that led to other problems with my culture… I don’t really want to talk about that right now.

Interviewer: That’s okay. So what is it like being the biggest hero in the Republic of Earth in the year 6099?


Avala: Its strange. I’m not used to being famous, and all the famous people I knew turned out to be the bad guys! That makes me wonder sometimes… is it good to be famous? I rather just help my people… it easier that way.


Interviewer: Can you tell us a little about your journey over the last year?


Avala: I started the year not knowing anything about the Yajixa, Yajirans, Humans, or even of other worlds. Now I know everything I was taught about the ‘Spirits’ my people’s religion was a lie meant to control us and enslave us to the Yajixa.


Avala: I also went from thinking Alvaj was a monster who was out to get me, to considering him one of my closest friends. Our marriage was annulled, due to Republic law… fortunately, and now we’re just friends… which I prefer it stay that way. Speaking of friends I’ve made plenty of new friends.


Avala: And not to mention I found out I’m one of the Yajixa, and that I managed to miraculously escape being enslaved by the ten Yajiran Emperors. I still don’t know how that happened… no one does. And during the year I formed my own group of rebel Yajixa called the Avalans… which I didn’t name, they named themselves after me… just letting you know. Its been a long journey, but its been worth it… hopefully.

Interviewer: You mentioned you’ve made plenty of new friends, can you tell us about some of these friends?


Avala: Well I mentioned Alvaj, his real name is Allan Ali, and he’s a Rank A Agent of the Republic of Earth Intelligence Service. Then there’s Sylvia McCarthy a human woman who is the Commander of the Intelligence Service. There’s also Echniath, Elizba, and Noochi, their some of the Echarikith drones I freed during the last year, for being part of some sort of united consciousness they sure bicker a lot. That right there is more friends than I’ve ever had. Its awesome.


Interviewer: So as you are kind of aware, I’m from an alternate reality in twenty first century on Earth. I am also doing a novelization of your first year as a Yajixa. Is there anything you would like to tell the readers?


Avala: Um… Without hope there is no future. Without unity there is no hope. Without friends there is no unity. I guess that works.


Interviewer: Thank you for your time Avala. For our listeners, Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes – Book 1: Hope is a young adult’s novel about this young lady’s first year of a real adventure. It is due to be out no later than June 2020, though hopefully it will be out by end of year 2019. It is a action packed adventure about a teenage girl who discovers she may be the only one able to save her people.

Until next time, Caleb Teal, signing out.

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