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Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes

Shorts 4

Release Date: TBA
Status: In Progress

About the Book:

(This text is not final, and is not guaranteed to represent the official Back Cover Text)

This is the fourth collection of Short Stories written for the Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes Universe. This book contains seven stories of various lengths about events of things withing the universe.


The story of the one time Yajixa Emperor, Hadeza, and her attack on the Underworld in hopes of subjugating it. This is a story of two evils fighting each other. And shows that not even the most powerful can command death itself.


This is the story of the discovery of the Echarikith ruins on Mars. Long ago, the Sol System was used as a petri dish for the Echarikith. When they fell, they left their ruins behind. It is here on Mars that humanity first find the Echarikith, and realizes that other aliens truly are out there.


The story of Namjila's experiment trying to create a soul for a captured Republic AI, in an attempt to absorb it into her mindscape for more power. It doesn't go well for her, or course.


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Trials of Time and Fate: Elexia

(Coming Soon)

Trials of Time and Fate: Lily

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Trials of Time and Fate: Echarikith

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