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Tales of the Alénarian

Legends of War

Release Date: TBA
Status: Written

About the Book:

(This text is not final, and is not guaranteed to represent the official Back Cover Text)


A project by Caleb Teal, under the pen name Calen Aeézanak. This is a dark tome of a book filled with intrigue and strife. Set in the distant past in another part of the multi-verse this story is not suited for children or those with a feint heart. The darkness of the past can not be forgotten, and the secrets of old will be made known again. This story is a thrilling adventure, but also a dark and disturbing story, of love, death, hope, fear, and war. It will be available in 11 parts that together make a whole. Can you handle the darkness that lays beyond our pitiful world?

Temporary Cover
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