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Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes

Book 4: Invasion

Release Date: TBA
Status: Written

About the Book:

Set approximately 1 year after the start of book 3, a new adventure begins for Avala. After an unfortunate MELT travel accident, something goes very wrong, and Avala encounters an empire the likes of which she has never seen before. In fact, nobody in the Republic of Earth has ever seen anything quite like it. But now, this hostile empire, has decided that the Republic of Earth and the Milky Way are the prime target for a brand new conquest. Avala has to rally her allies and fight against this foe, hopefully saving as many lives as she can, and driving them back. Once she pushes them back though, it will be finally time to celebrate everything she and her allies have accomplished, and hopefully set a trap for her arch nemesis, before Namjila can do any more harm. But the Solar Empire will not stay driven back forever. They will come, again and again, until all reality is under their heel. This is the continuation of Avala's life long journey to become a master of the Spirits of the Mindscapes.

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