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Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes

Book 5: Secrets

Release Date: TBA
Status: Written

About the Book:

(This text is not final, and is not guaranteed to represent the official Back Cover Text)

Set the year after Avala Book 5, Avala's arch nemesis escapes her prison and flees into the unknown, powerless and toothless. It is at this point she is approached by the illusive Black Circle, the Black Ops division of the Republic of Earth to take part in a special mission going deep into Yajiran Empire territory, their very capital of Yajihvax.

Then due to a great accident, Avala is trapped in her mindscape and must survive waiting what feels like years to be able to find a way out, but in the process angers a threat from another galaxy that has found its way into the Mindworld, and she must defend her mindscape from it.

When she finds her way out of it, a new threat arrives at the edge of Andromeda, a ancient threat that Avala has only heard whispers of. It must be destroyed before all is lost. But it will take the power of all seven Echarikith Engines, and will come with a great cost.

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