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Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes

Shorts 1

Release Date: TBA
Status: Written

About the Book:

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The first collection of short stories set in the universe of Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes. 30 chapters split across 7 stories and 4 different POVs.


Before Avala came to the Republic of Earth, the human Allan Ali was recruited by the Republic of Earth Intelligence Service to become a special agent in an important infiltration mission of the primitive world of Evelon II. There he took the young Avala under his wing, and protected her from the evil Yajixa by taking on the name Alvaj, and eventually setting in motion the events that lead to the Rise of Avala.


A republishing of the Reintegration story-line of the Character Diaries as originally published on the Evelon II Studios blog. This tells the story of Alvaj reintegrating into human society after his many years on Evelon II, and the challenges he faces throughout it all, as his mental health suffers from the sudden change in his life.


Over two million years before Avala, another girl rose to prominence. Her name was Namjila. She was at first innocent, naïve, and precious, but her mother wanted her to be something else. So she was broken, and made into a monster, being shaped into what she was meant to be.


In the year 2106, human kind made the greatest scientific breakthrough in history and create true artificial sapience, the very first Adjutant. However, this Adjutant would have to prove themselves to all of humanity, and wipe away all fear of AI once and for all.


Decades before the Rise of Avala, Elexia, the sister of Sylvia McCarthy fell in love. But she would become the target of the wicked Namjila, who sought to control her and make her become something terrible, an agent in Namjila's cruel plans to become the most powerful being in all reality.


After becoming a soul slave to Namjila, Elexia struggled and suffered at the monster's hands for decades. Under Namjila's directions, she climbed to the top of the ranks in the Earth Intelligence Service, until eventually she was cast aside by Namjila.


Namjila was manipulating the events around Avala's awakening for much time. But in truth the only thing she really wanted was power. Power so she could break free from her mother's control and eventually take her place.

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