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Tales of the Alénarian

Legends of War

Release Date: TBA
Status: Kickstarter

About the Book:

Long ago, in a far off universe, great heroes rose to power, each one the dormant vessels of ancient long lost gods. These heroes brought with them great change, great strife, and nearly threatened all reality as we know it on numerous occasions. These were the Alénarian, champions of sheer power, and limitless potential. This book contains many of their stories spanning generations, telling the stories of heroes of long ago, as they fought in war and in political intrigue, fighting with magic, blade, faith, and wit. These are the Tales of the Alénarian.

3,000 years ago, in the Préssérvium Universe, the Three Great Empires of The Érthkonothiy Empire, Sībro Empire, and Xrantor Empire have spent the last thousand years living in relative peace. Their empires have expanded throughout the stars, their stellar fleets and their magic unmatched. None have dared threaten them for so long, not even the wicked Misarian. However all that is about to change, as the Misarian are cursed by corrupted gods to bring doom to all reality, orchestrating a series of events that will likely bring the end of all things. Ancient curses will be broken. Wars will rise. Gods will come to power. And a war for existence will come. Behold now, the Legends of War.

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