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Back In Business

After a year long break, I am back in business. May first book, "Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes: Book 1: Hope" is just starting the publishing process. And my first game, "Legacy of the Firstborne Empire" is already in the works.

From now on, every Thursday I'm going to post a blog post about either Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes, or Legacy of the Firstborn Empire, alternating each week. I'm also going to get back into twittering and promoting my products.

As to why I took a year long absence in the first place, has to do with stress, and depression. After I failed to get the funding for my first book through Kickstarter I decided to then try and just save up the money myself. After a long fifteen months I finally saved up enough money to begin the publishing process.

My first real Blog Post will start next week on Thursday and will be an introductory to my in-progress game, "Legacy of the Firstborne Empire". Until then stay safe.

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