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Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes - The Universe and Series Update

Welcome to my Blog. Today I'm going to talk about the Universe of Avala Spirits of the Mindscapes and share some updates on the publishing progress.

The story of Avala Spirits of the Mindscapes takes place four thousand years in the future. The Republic of Earth is embroiled in a war against the Yajiran Empire and have been for a long time. Many other alien nations exist in the galaxy, some allied to the Republic, others are vassals of the Yajiran Empire. Most however are simply neutral, however the Yajirans don’t make that easy since they seen themselves as the rulers of the galaxy.

In the distant past of humanity, during the year 2019, the Yajirans had infiltrated many levels of government around the world with their possession powers. They knew humanity had been created to be a weapon against them and they were trying to draw out our creators. Thus, they started World War III, a nuclear conflict. However due to sheer luck and a independent rogue hacker the truth behind the Yajiran’s infiltration had been revealed. The survivors of humanity stopped fighting each other and turned on their one-time leaders who had been revealed as alien oppressor. The remnants of Earth banded together to form the Republic of Earth and made it their mission to hunt down and destroy the Yajiran menace.

In the galaxy the most common way to travel from place from place lightyears away is not by ship but by something known as a MELT transporter. MELT technology is a form of advanced technology that humanity stole from the Yajirans when they were expelled from Earth. It turns and object or person into psychic energy and transports them to the destination where they are once again converted to matter. This method of transportation is far more efficient than spaceships, yet even it can have accidents, since the technology must be properly maintained, and it isn’t always. Almost all nations in the galaxy use MELT technology, however due to limitations it can not be used to leave the galaxy since the distance is too far for it to work. MELT technology can also be used for communication, scanning, and weaponry at distances hundreds of lightyears away. Unfortunately, the Yajirans have developed ways to intercept MELT transports, making it easy to cut off retreats when placed in the approximate path. It is because of this that Earth has a small fleet of fighter ships that transport themselves with MELT technology to destroy these MELT Traps.

That’s all I’m willing to share for the universe today. Now about the updates for the publishing process. I’ve received the first mock-ups of the cover and have submitted revision for it. I’ve also received the back-cover copy for the book (That’s the stuff on the back of the Book, and the about the author section). I’m happy with it but needed to make a few changes before sending it back to them. Hopefully next time I’ll have a cover to share with everyone.

Join me next week for a Development Diary for Legacy of the Firstborne Empire. Then join me the week after for a further look at the Universe of the Avala series as well as further publishing progress updates. Take care and live well.

-Caleb Teal-

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