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"Imagine who you are, then live it."


Evelon II Studios is a Sole Proprietary company owned and operated by Caleb Teal. It is dedicated to writing epic books, and hopefully one day creating epic games as well.


Our current project is the Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes novella series.


Set 4,000 years in the future. The humans of the Republic of Earth are locked in a war with the Yajiran Empire.


The Yajirans are one of the countless races of the Galaxy descended from a precursor race known as the Echarikith, that disappeared 3 million years ago. However the Yajirans are the only one of these races with members capable of transferring their consciousness to other bodies. These Yajixa, as they are called, can possess the bodies of any race descended from the Echarikith, and can absorb the souls of all living beings into their mind. All the Yajixa are bound to the will of the Council of Ten of the Yajiran Empire, and the humans have yet to learn there secret.

Over the nearly 3 million years they were around, the Yajixa have presented themselves as gods to countless primitive races across the galaxy, eventually enslaving them as part of their empire. One such race are half-breeds descended from humans and Yajiran Rebels two thousand years ago. These Athakarin as they are called had their Yajiran and Human ancestors slain when the first of them were still infants. The Yajixa raised them as a primitive and barbaric race full of sexism and sapient sacrifices.

The protagonist comes from these Athakarin. She is a 14 year old girl by the name of Avala. She hates the spirits that her people worship, because they made her brother be sacrificed to them. When she is rescued from the hardships of life on her homeworld by the humans, she learns that her people are slaves to the Yajixa. She soon realizes she has the powers of the Yajixa, but manages to avoid being enslaved by the ten. With this power, Avala becomes the Republic's only hope to win the war.

To ensure that her people can be free from the Yajixa and to help the humans win the war, she must learn what it means to be one of the...

Spirits of the Mindscapes

Intended Audience of

Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes


The series is intended for Young Adults. Though the first book does not contain sexual themes, or use of alcohol of drugs, subsequent books do, though only in very minor ways. Later books also begin to delve into more horror based elements.

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