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Looking for Books to Review

This is a call out to all authors who want their books reviewed on my site. I am an experienced author with 3 books currently released, with 4 to 5 stars with reviewers each. Thus I know what goes into a good book.

What does it cost?

I won't charge any money as I am just starting out. If you feel like you still owe me something, send me a message and we'll work something out. However most likely if you feel you still owe me, then I'll get you to review one of my books for me.

Do I have to provide you with a copy?

I will purchase my own copy of the eBook off of Amazon. I have no need of physical copies, and eBooks are cheap enough that I can afford them myself. This way, it also means that I am not being compensated for a review, which makes it more genuine.

How often will you be doing reviews?

I will be doing 1 book review per week, publishing the review on a Tuesday. Reviewing books will be first come first serve. If I have a backlog of over 6 weeks, I will not be able to accept any more books to review.

Can I have you post the review on another platform?

I will also post a review of the book on any other platform of your request.

Will you give an honest review? / Will you give me only a good review?

I will give a honest review of the book, which as a fellow Author I know is more valuable than simply lying about its quality, even if it hurts. However, if I can not give the book a 4 stars or higher, I will spare you the public shame of getting a negative review, and will not post the review, giving my feedback to you in private instead.

How long will you promote the review for?

I will continue to promote the blog post review for 1 week after posting it on my twitter profile with 5k + followers, with 3 posts per day for 7 days starting the day I post the review.

What genre of book will you review?

I will review any genre of book except for the following:

  • I will not review Non-Fiction

  • I will not review Children Books

  • I will not review Erotica involving characters under the age of 18.

  • Political Satire is hit and miss. I will judge it on a book by book case.

I'm Interested, who do I contact?

If you are interested, DM me on twitter @AuthorCalebTeal or send me an email at

I hope to hear from you soon.

Caleb Teal, Author and Founder


If you haven't purchased the Avala: Spirits of the Mindscape books yet you can find them here:

If you aren't sure yet, you can check out various reviews here:


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