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Book Review: The Pineys: Book 2: Witch Piney Are You? - by Tony DiGerolamo


As Seen of Amazon

For centuries, the South Jersey Pine Barrens has been the home of not just the Jersey Devil, but the witches of legend and lore. When the devil-hunting Galloway clan is confronted by a coven of old crones, all Hell breaks out--- literally.

In the next gun-toting episode of the Pineys, we reveal the origins of Hemingway's undead mother, who and what the Witch Boy is and we burn down part of the Pine Barrens (which pretty much happens every year in South Jersey). Shelly goes to college, Milton and Lewis go to work and Hemingway engages in his, er, uh, "hobby".

So down a pint of blueberries, load up your silver bullets and get ready for the Hunt because while devils are hard to kill, witches don't die!

From the creator of the Jersey Devil comic book comes a story of four cousins brought together by destiny, cursed by their ancestors and trying to keep South Jersey from going to Hell.

My Review

The Pineys Book 2: Witch Piney are you is the second book in “The Pineys” series by Tony DiGerolamo. In this book, we continue the adventures of the Galloway family of cousins as this time they fight off a coven of witches.

The book is a wonderful continuation of the first book, that you can read my review for here:

Just like the first book, the author continues to do in depth world building and showing off new and interesting devils that the cousins have to fight through, in addition to added more lore to the witch side of things. It’s a thrilling adventure that leaves me wanting more.

However, I can’t give this book 5 stars, mainly for the political subtext of this book. There is quite a bit of subtext making fun on the far left. Though I myself as center left do not often agree with either the far left or far right, I find reading a book with political subtext meant to make fun of the other side to be distasteful. If books I read are to have a political subtext, I prefer them to not be making fun of the other side, but instead promoting their ideals. I believe that a good book must not make fun of other groups as that seems to be nothing but pettiness to me.

The book however is still really engaging, and fun. It is humorous and entertaining. It is exceptionally well written, and enjoyable. All despite the aforementioned issue. One of the things I like the most about the book was that despite the political subtext, it was able to hold my attention and keep me reading. The thought of wanting to know what came next, and the curiosity about how it would end, kept me reading. And overall, I am glad I did, because it was just another epic adventure.

Overall, the book was humorous and fun, despite the political subtext. I give it a 4 our of 5 stars.

On this site I tend to hand out bonus stars. Bonus stars are when an author goes above and beyond what they should do, and does something spectacular and amazing. So lets go over the list of bonus stars:

⭐ - Creativity with Presentation (13 chapters given 13’s association with evil) - More Info:

X - Outstanding level of notable diversity and representation among the characters

- Hooked from the very start

⭐ - Extreme in-depth world building

X - Big emotional feels

⭐ - High Levels of Excitement

⭐ - Keep on Guessing

So that's 5 out of 7 Bonus stars.

You can follow the Author on Twitter at @TonyDiGerolamo

You can find the book from Amazon here:

That's all from me fellow book lovers.

~ Caleb Teal, Author and Founder

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