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Avala Book 1 About to be Published - And a few Announcement

Greetings! This week is a momentous occasion! My very first book: Avala Spirits of the Mindscapes – Book 1: Hope is about to be published. In 1 or 2 days it will be available on the FriesenPress bookstore in paperback, hardcover, and eBook formats. In 2 to 5 weeks it will be available in all sorts on online (and hopefully offline) bookstores. I’ll post the links to the other bookstores once I have them.

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It has been my lifelong dream to write and publish a book. When I was very little, I want to be not only an author, but also a published author. Now… that dream is accomplished. However, I have another long time dream I am now working on. Turning a series of mine into a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO).

This new dream I have had since early teen years when I first got introduced to MMOs. Back then I was still trying to be a writer, but I also had ideas for a complicated, and rather vast MMO based on a story I was writing. Now however, since I actually have a book about to be out there (and have a backlog of 7 more ready to start the publishing process) I decide its time to revisit this dream.

After deciding the general idea of what I wanted in my game I wrote a 48 page document (nearly 40,000 words, the size of my books) about what the game was. Then I started working out how I’m doing the scripts (since quests work like they do in SWTOR just more group oriented). I have determined that the scripts in of themselves are going to take 5 years of me writing at top speed every day, all the day. That turns into 10 years of writing should I take my time, and 15 years should I get so distracted by life that I can’t work even 5 days a week.

However, do not worry. I will still be publishing books while I work on this project. It takes me a week to write a 40k word book (my standard book size). Since I can write 40k words in 6 days, and write it high enough quality to have a great story, I should be able to write any new books that I need to publish, once these 7 I have in backlog are published (Which will take time since I’m still going to be using FriesenPress, and they costs money).

For a bit of a sneak peak of my MMO, I will be posting blog posts on it every other week, replacing the Legacy of the Firstborne empire blog posts. I no longer have the desire to work on Legacy of the Firstborne Empire, and am ceasing development on it. I love the game design aspect of making games, but only like the actual making the game so much. Thus I will work on this MMO, which by the time I’m done, I hope to have a partner AAA game company willing to make it with me. The biweekly blog post, and publishing more and more books aught to help with that.

That’s all for this week. Join me next week for my first blog post about the Avala MMO. Until next time! Enjoy!

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