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Avala Spirits of the Mindscape Controversy

Apparently there's a controversy starting around my book. Today I got a DM on someone from twitter that said:

"I read your book, and I can't believe that you made the they holy Lord and Savior Jesus Christ into an alien! I'm telling everyone I know to avoid your vile demon-spawn of your book!"

They are likely talking about Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes - Book 2: Death.

I find this hilarious because of the following reasons:

a) Jesus is never once mentioned, its only a vague implication.

b) At start of the book there is the following disclaimer: This book contains references to real world religions in ways that may disturb some people. This by no means shows the beliefs of the Author. Nor is it intended as an attack on any real-world religion. It is simply a work of fiction set in an alternate reality where real-world religions cannot be truth as their followers know them.

I always knew that at some point someone would have a problem with that book, that's why I put the disclaimer in. I just find it hilarious that someone worded it the way they did, claiming I "made Jesus an alien".

The fact that this person however had 0 followers, and only 1 person they were following, plus their account was apparently created January 2023 also makes me laugh, because whoever sent this wanted to keep their identity a secret. I've had all sorts of people do such things to try to trick me into giving them money or personal info, but never anyone who wanted to hide their identity as they trashed my book.

Honestly I couldn't care less what they think. Historically, this has only led to more sales of a book, so I'm excited.

Anyways, this officially means there is a controversy around my book.

Anyways, that's all for today.

Caleb Teal, Author and Founder


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