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Character Diaries: Alvaj - Season 1 - Entry 014

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The Cycle of Zayil, 25th cycle of the Month of the Great Sea, 1932 years after Creation / Wednesday, 4th of February 6099

Today was tedious and caused my brain to hurt. So many reports to sort through. I’m pretty certain Sylvia is grooming me to become the Commander of Intelligence. Did I really impress her so much? I know I’m next in line for command, but does she have to put so much pressure on me?

Anyway, I think I finally figured out how to make a proper Milic Bread, with that in place I can now work on figuring out how to make some Torok Meat Pie. Avala has been giving me pointers a few times, I did ask for her advice while we worked on the Evelon II Planetary Command after all. She’s simply confused as to why I don’t just replicate it. Maybe it's just me, but the stuff from the Replicator tastes fake. I told her that, but she claims she didn’t notice that.

I am however glad that she’s no longer living in the past, and is adapting to the new life of the Republic of Earth. She at least wants no part of living the Athakarin lifestyle. Sure, she’s apparently still eating Athakarin foods, but she’s having them all replicated. Should I be worried that I’m the one that’s living in the past?

Either way, I need to sleep. It’s been a frustrating day.

~ Allan Ali / Alvaj son of Scyvaj – Rank A Agent of the EIS


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Also feel free to comment below, and if you have any suggestions for other characters for me to do a diary series for, feel free to mention them there as well.

Hope you enjoy, and stay safe amid COVID-19!

Caleb Teal


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any references to real people, places, or events of the modern time are used in a fictional sense and have no bearing or reality, nor are they meant to detract from the real them in any way. And all characters are the complete creation of the author, any resemblance to real world people is complete coincidence.

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