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Character Diaries Will Resume December 1st

You may have already read post: However, I have decided to not cancel them. I have a new plan to ensure Character Diaries are released on a regular basis, but it will be in a new format. Instead of having every day in the fictional year be covered. I will write between 40 and 150 entries per year per series (or rather 40,000 words worth total), and post them on a Daily Basis. However this also requires me writing a whole season of them out in advanced. Thus I will not be posting new posts until December 1st as I really want to tell these stories, even though I am busy.

I will still publish weekly posts to get you excited for my upcoming sequel to Avala: Spirits of the Mindscape - Book 1: Hope, titled Book 2: Death, until then however. These will be posted on Thursdays every week.

Until then, take care and be safe.

~Caleb Teal

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