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Evelon II Family of Creatives

When I founded Evelon II Studios, I founded it with the vision that one day, I would have dozens of creatives united together in a sort of family, with the purpose to rise together in fame, by sharing our individual fame and success to the point where we all get even more famous and successful. The idea was to be creatives supporting creatives in order to expand our reach and expand our influence in the world.

We’re a long way from that goal, as we are just starting out, but we are trying to grow as time continues.

People who join us can expect the following:

  • An Author’s page on the Evelon II Studios website, which will include a link to their own website, and any other links they want to include within reason. (even if their not an author, they'll get one)

  • Their books, blogs sites, and other projects having their own project pages being hosted on the Evelon II Studios website.

  • They will gain the ability to post guest blog posts on the Evelon II Studios website, which I will promote for at least 3 days, 2 tweets per day.

  • Their blog posts, books, or other media being promoted by me, Caleb Teal, on my twitter presence, at least 2 tweets per day.

  • Potentially have their work promoted by other members of the family.

  • Being part of a community of fellow creatives dedicated to supporting others.

  • Share the fame of other members of the family.

  • We also have a private Evelon II studios Discord server to allow the community to connect with each other, for text communication only mind you (at least for now.)

Things we hope to have in the future:

  • I hope to expand my reach to other social media platforms, but first I have to figure out how I’m supposed to use them. (I may need a little help from people who know those, twitter came naturally to me, the others… I can’t figure them out.)

  • We hope to one day also have a Evelon II Studios merchandise shop, for merchandise based on all our stories and projects. But there are legal hoops to jump through first in regards to that, such as how we legally divide the revenue to the right people.

  • We hope to one day have public forums set up where people can discuss our various works, on the site.

  • Once I find out the legal side of distributing ad revenue (I’m still waiting for them to finally approve my site for ads), I hope to distribute ad revenue from the site evenly between the members of the family. Don’t worry, its not overwhelming ads, just a few here and there.

  • We hope to one day set up a program to help get up and coming authors aid in publishing their books. And aid for other creatives too.

  • We hope to one day be able to host writing contests and other creative contests.

  • We hope to one day have our own literary magazine.

Club Members are encouraged to do the following:

  • When possible and if comfortable. Support other members of the family. Promote their work if and when you can. Link your site to their sites. And so on


  • If you feel comfortable, include the Evelon II studios logo on the backs of your books, and on your site somewhere.

  • If you are comfortable with it, post a guest blog post once in a while, introduce yourself.

  • If you feel comfortable, Promote the Evelon II Studios family, and be part of the family.

  • If you know someone who you think would fit well with the family, introduce them to Caleb, and he’ll see about inviting them.

  • Of course, many of us earn our business by charging people for our services and product. We all get that, as people who are trying to live life. Feel free to continue to charge members of the family for your services and products.

Of course, there are a few rules too that have to be followed:

  • Be respectful and supportive towards other members of the Evelon II Studios family of Creatives.

  • Never publicly promote hatred, discrimination, bigotry, or harmful disinformation as that’s a one-way ticket to be excluded from the family.

  • Don’t bring shame to the Evelon II Studios family of Authors by doing something illegal or willfully and knowingly doing something that will lead to a scandal.

  • Evelon II Studios is supposed to be politically and religiously neutral. Because of this, its essential to respect that everyone in the community might have their own unique religious and political beliefs that may differ from others. Its okay to share what believe, but you have to respect that others won't necessarily believe the same thing. However heated debates or arguments about politics or religion will not be tolerated, and all participants will be punished no matter what I myself might personally believe. And putting down others beliefs will likewise not be tolerated, even if I myself don't agree with the beliefs.

  • Guest blog articles must be reviewed and accepted by Caleb Teal. Things not allowed to be discussed: Real-World Modern-Day Politics (Historical politics is still allowed), Endorsing Violence and Hate, Endorsing Crime, Harmful Disinformation, Medical Disinformation, Dieting / Weight Loss solutions, and Sexual content. Caleb still has a right to deny a blog article for other reasons, however he will discuss it with you first, and he is very reasonable.

  • Please keep guest blog posts to a maximum of one every three days, as otherwise it makes more work than I should have to put up with for me to have to review and promote each one, especially as my tweet schedular has a limited tweets per month.

  • If you desire to leave the family at any time, you just have to let Caleb Teal know, giving him at least 1 week notice.

  • Nobody that is part of the creative family is required to offer their services and products free of charge to other members of the Creative Family. We still all have to make a living somehow.

Note: This is not a job, it’s a club of sorts. There’s no contract, until of course we need one when we sort out the legal hoops for the shop and the ad revenue. Being a member of the club currently is a privilege that you can lose if you don’t behave.

No cost, By Invitation Only

There is no cost to joining. You don’t have to pay any money. Instead, this is a community that is “by invitation only”. Having money as the gate to joining, would just mean that not-so-nice people with money could join, and people who actually are nice and broke couldn’t. It would kind of defeat the purpose.

Other confirmed members of the Evelon II Studios Creative family.

Currently we only have a few members, and we’re still getting those members set up, as we are a brand new club. Most don't have an author page or project pages yet, as people are busy, but hopefully we'll have those all set up soon.

Interested in Joining?

There are a few ways to join:

  • Be personally chosen and invited by Caleb. Usually this means you've made a good impression on him on one of his social media platforms usually through direct messaging. He only invites people he feels would make a good fit. My suggestion, contact me (Caleb Teal) and introduce yourself. Be your natural self, and strike up a good conversation. Express your interest to join. You might just get invited.

  • Be recommended by one of the club members. Sometimes one of the members of the family will recommend someone to Caleb to join the club. If that happens, introductions are made, and then Caleb will interview them to see if they are a good fit for the creative family. If so, he will extend the invitation and they will join the club. My suggestion, contact them and introduce yourself. Be your natural self, and strike up a good conversation. Express your interest to join. You might just get invited.

That's all for now.

Caleb Teal, Author and Founder

You can contact Caleb on Twitter @AuthorCalebTeal,

You can email Caleb at

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