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Game Dive: Evelon II ttRPG System

So today I'd like to start my first Game Dive post. Today, I'll be going into a project I've been working on for the past few years. After writing Tales of the Alénarian: Legends of War, I felt it would be a great setting for a Table Top Role Playing Game, the type with dice of varying number of sides, and character sheets written on a piece of paper. However I didn't want to work with a pre-existing system, due to rights issues. Thus, I created my own system, the Evelon II ttRPG system, which I have been able to adapt to all my various stories. I starting with Tales of the Alénarian and then expanded to the Avala: Spirits of the Mindscape Series. I also have developed versions that aren't about any specific story but fit into specific genres of story, like post-apocalyptic, western, sci-fi, high fantasy, dark fantasy, super hero and so on. I hope to get it to a point where I can do mass play testing within 5 years timeframe, though I will be starting with the Tales of the Alénarian ttRPG after Tales of the Alénarian: Legends of War comes out.

Without getting too much into it, I'd like to explain the system. The Evelon II RPG system takes inspiration from dungeons and dragons fifth edition in some aspects of how its played. However, it uses 8 main ability scores instead of six. It also is far more ability-driven than D&D 5e, though each of those abilities allows for vast amount things to do both inside of combat, adventuring, or socializing. A character is comprised of a race, a culture, a religion, and between 1 to 3 classes.

Initial inhouse playtesting has show it has been quite fun, if not a bit complicated to make a character. I am hopeful to get public playtesting up within the next few years. I wish I could give more details about the system, but I am worried about idea thieves stealing it. Once I have a handle on the rights, I'll share more.

Until next time, this is Caleb out.

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