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Game Project: Introducing Adventures in Liliyland

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Hi! I'm Liliy! I'm the main alter of Caleb Teal, the main owner of dis site! I'm a 5-year-old Chaos Jydeon (like an angel of chaos) and I'm making a REALLY cool video game! Called Tales of the Alénarian: Adventures in Liliyland!

Adventure Through Dreamspace, Liliyland, and Beyond

In dis game you need to guide Liliy (me) through dreamspace which is where I'm from, but also the place people dream, and the location of Liliyland. Adventure through over 12 different environments in over 20 different main levels. Take part in an endless exploration of Liliyland. And do various companion levels. Fight over 50 different bosses, and save Liliyland.

Changing Gravity

In Dreamspace, gravity doesn't obey the rules of reality. In Adventures in Liliyland, you must guide Liliy (me) through shifting gravity to complete this 2D Platformer game.

Reclaim Liliyland From Hostile Dream Spirits

Liliyland has been taken over by hostile dream spirits! HELP! Help Liliy save her home, and defeat these hostile dream spirits, like the rollers pictured above. Over 15 different enemy types found throughout adventures in Liliyland, each with their own ways of damaging Liliy.

Defeat Powerful Bosses

Liliyland has a lot of REALLY dangerous enemies, that need to be defeated. Each level has at least 2, but some have more. These bosses are difficult, and challenging. Defeating them without dying, grants you green stars, which can be used to unlock things back at base.

Try to Complete Puzzles

Try to complete puzzles to get illusive red stars. These puzzles require timing, skill, and a bit of clever thinking. If you do complete these puzzles, you're bound to get pretty red stars which can be traded back at base for all sorts of neat unlocks.

Fear the Darkness

Fight against an all consuming darkness that threatens all of Liliyland. If it is not stopped, Liliy will be doomed. Guide Liliy against the darkness and help her survive until the end.

Adventures in Liliyland Coming Soon.

Hey, Caleb here. We have yet to have a release date for Adventures in Liliyland, but our small team of me and my alter Liliy are working on it as hard as possible, in between writing and publishing my books. For more details follow me on twitter @AuthorCalebTeal, and follow Liliy on twitter @ChaosLiliy , or subscribe to my mailing list at the bottom of the page.

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