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Inhabitants of Liliyland: Introducing Liliy

Hi! I'm Liliy, the main alter of Caleb, the owner of this site. I'm here to introduce some stuff inhabitants my upcoming Adventures in Liliyland game. First up... me, the one and maybe not only Liliy!

Liliy is the main character of the game. She is based off of me, or how I see myself. She is a NOT KUTE Chaos Jydeon girl. A Chaos Jydeon is something from Caleb's upcoming book Tales of the Alénarian: Legends of War. Its kinda like an angel... of chaos and dreams.

I'm also an eternally five-year-old girl. I have wings, and can go flappy-flap! I like purple. I am purple! I am also an adventurer, and the ruler of Liliyland, a dream world in the middle of Dreamspace.

She has all sorts of cool abilities in the game. However she can't do this mission alone. That's where companions come into play. Throughout the game, she recruits all sorts of companions to help her in her fight against the bad guys. More on them another time.

That's all for now, Liliy out!

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