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New Plan for 2023

So a few weeks ago, I gave everyone the plan for Evelon II Studios for 2023. In it there was an idea for daily blog posts. Unfortunately, that plan was not well thought out. You see, at the current state of the Avala Series, there isn't enough lore for 3 Lore Dives per week per year. And game development is slow enough that we can't just be spilling secrets once per week. Thus I've had to readjust the plans for daily blog posts.

We will be following a new schedule:

Tuesday: Book Review

Thursday: Alternating between Game Dive and Lore Dive

Saturday: Free Post

This new plan allows for me to get more work done, while at the same time having content to post about. We will be starting this new schedule immediately.

~ Caleb Teal, Author and Founder

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