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Legacy of the Firstborne Empire: Dev Diary 2: Empire Traits

Welcome to the second Development Diary for Legacy of the Firstborne Empire® game in development by Evelon II Studios. In today’s Development Diary we will be talking in depth about Empire Traits and what they can do.

So the various Empire traits are Warlike, Friends of All, Peaceful, Xenophobe, Xenophile, Authoritarian, Egalitarian, Protectors, Scientists, Relic Builders, Expansionists, Religious, Heretical, Strong, Terrorist, and Business.

Let’s start with Warlike. Warlike empires start and join many wars. They can build relics that can increase their military strength, such as the Warrior Academy. Their top tier relic is the Supreme Stellar Warbase which can increase a systems offensive an defensive capabilities considerably.

Now the Friends of All. The Friends of All empires love making friends with everyone. Most people like the Friends of All Empires. However, with the relics they can build, they are bound to have many friends. They can make vacation spot relics such as the Holo Palace, which makes people like them more. Their top tier relic is the Friend Maker, which makes every non-terrorist empire love them to death.

What about Peaceful? Peaceful empires typically don’t start wars and don’t join wars. They avoid conflict at all costs. Most people like Peaceful empires if only a little. Currently they have the same relics as the Friends of All Empires, but that will change to something else before release. My current ideas are along the lines of relics that lower the chances of people declaring war on them, and a top tier relic that can stop any war happening in the galaxy every so often. Though we will have to see.

Xenophobe? Xenophobe empires hate races being in their empire that are not officially sanctioned races. They will occasionally begin purging of these races in an attempted to remove these blights from the universe. They can build relics such as Automated Death Camps which increase the rate of purges in the system. Their top tier relic is the Beacon of the Purge, which can obliterate unwanted races in a system, as well as increase purge rate in all other systems of the owner empire.

And Xenophile? Xenophile empires love other races, and hate Xenophobe Empires. They will often experiment with technology to genetically modify or create new races to fill their empire. They can create relics such as the Resurrection Clone Factory, which can bring back extinct races which are contained in Genetic Database relics. Their top tier relic is the Genetic Database of Eternity which can store all races in the universe at once, and can dig through the ages to find even more lost races, all of which can be used by other relics of theirs.

How about Authoritarian? Authoritarian Empires have an iron grip on their population, not allowing anyone to go against what they say. Rebellions and schisms are far less likely in them, even if people are more unhappy. Currently they have the same relic types as the Xenophobe, but that will change before release.

And Egalitarian? Egalitarian Empires have a love for freedom and equality, causing happiness to flourish among the people, however Rebellions and Schisms are more likely than normal when happiness is bad because people aren’t afraid to express there unhappiness. Currently they have the same relics as the Xenophiles, but that will most likely change before release.

Protectors? Protector Empires jump into wars on the weakest side, using their considerable strength to fight against their new enemies. They are likely to join wars, but not start them as they desire only to protect the weak from the strong. Currently they have the same relics as the Warlike empires, but that may change before release.

Scientists? Scientists Empire seek knowledge. Knowledge is power after all. They advance technologically faster than other empires, and have a lower chance of having a technological decline. They can build relics like the Continental Particle Accelerator, which increase advancement even further. Their top tier relic is the Empire Reverter invention. This baby can revert an empire to its glory days should if fall far enough, though like all new inventions it has some unexpected problems occasionally.

Relic Builders build Relics right? Yes! Relic builders not only build faster than other empires, they sometimes duplicate other empires relics. With relics like the Primitive Relic Replicator, they can replicate the relics of primitive civilizations right on their very home soil. And with their top tier relic known as the Master Relic Replicator, they can replicate a top tier relic from another empire in only a few turns!

And Expansionists? Expansionist empires love to expand their empire and grow big, very big. Currently their relics are the same as the scientists, but that is due to change to relics that help expansion and growth with a top tier relic that will possibly creates an artificial galaxy to explore and expand into.

Religious Empires are one of the most important Empires in the game. They are your hands in the universe, with which you affect things, they are what you make them, be that pacifistic, or aggressive. All of their relics do different things, however the most important thing they do is eventually awaken other empires who acquire them. These awakened empires also are under your control, becoming your tools as well. Their top tier relic is the God Core Protector. With one of these babies in a galaxy, the God Core will remain protected from damage and destruction as long as it is active.

Heretic Empires, previously called Anti-God empires in other Dev Diaries, are the enemy of the game. They destroy holy relics, and attempt to destroy God Cores. Their relics are like the Religious empire relics in many ways, just they corrupt any other empire who gets their hands on them, removing awakening status, or instead adding corrupted status. Corrupted empires in addition to their regular things, hate religious empires, and try to destroy God Cores and Holy artifacts. Their top tier relic is a God Core Destroyer, something that can remotely damage a God Core and God Core Protectors.

What about Strong Empires? Strong empires make themselves strong with relics and other methods. They don’t often wage wars, but when they do, they are often the victors. Currently they have the same relics as the Warlike empires, but like all the other duplicates that is bound to change.

The Terrorist Empires generally don’t get along well with others. They constantly abduct important people, assassinate important people, bomb important places, and generally aren’t very fun to be around. Though currently they create they same relics as the Warlike, that is bound to change. My ideas are looking like bomb factories, trade route traps, and mass abductors. But we will see.

The Business Empires are the last to talk about. They are like to buy and sell things, and make countless trade deals. If they like an empire enough they may even sell them one of their systems. Their relics are all about trade and business. With relics like the Grand Galactic Bank that increase galactic happiness by a small amount, all empires are bound to thrive. Their top tier relic is the Imperial Buyout initiative, which allows them to constantly but out systems of other empires, and occasionally buyout another empire to annex them.

That’s all for today. Tune in two weeks from now to see more about Legacy of the Firstborne Empire® game, where we will be talking in depth about relics. Tune in next week where I’ll talk about my current writing project alongside any updates on the publishing of my current book. Until next time!

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