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Character Diaries: Echarikith - Season 1 - Entry 002

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

0, 0, 0, 3, 0, 0, 0, 1, 2, 7, 22, 61 – After the Fall of the Seventh Core

Echniath: Elizba is freed, as I knew she would be. It was a wonderful reunion. Me and her were once lovers, back when I was male. The humans barely have any concept of our ability to change bodies to whatever gender, race, appearance, or age we want. I had to explain to them that when this body dies, or when I leave it, I can make a new one to my exact specification with but a whim. They found it hard to believe. They found it even harder to believe that I can leave this body at will and it will create a new mind for the cast-off making them like all the other cast off races in the galaxy.

That reminds me. The humans aren’t cast offs! I don’t know what they are, but they don’t come from us. Their home planet was in the Enchal system, specifically planet Ada, or what they now call Earth. Enchal Ada was one of our petri dish worlds where we experimented with cellular life like our own. There was countless protections in place so that sapience would not arise on the planet, yet somehow after our long time away it did.

Because the humans are not cast-offs, they don’t have mindscapes, and can not be Yajixa. They are an interesting specimen indeed. Yet the crazy thing is, they look as though they were made by Echarikith, they clearly follow the patterns of many of our military style bodies such as the Yajira, Egroga, Nerafa, Rathva, and Zhita. Two arms ending in opposable hands; two legs ending in feet designed for perfect balance; two eyes able to see in red, green, blue; two ears able to hear a wide range of tones; two nostrils that can smell a wide range of substances, and is connected to their lungs; one mouth capable of complex vocalization, connection to the lungs, and a place for food entry; females have breasts; the whole range of sexual organs from male to female and everything in between; and a brain capable of everything our own military cast-offs are capable of. Yet for all we know, they did not come about due to our cast-offs.

I’ve also examined their DNA, there is something in it that I just don’t recognize. Sure, I wasn’t involved in the experiments with life, but every Echarikith has an intrinsic understanding of DNA, and we use that knowledge to create new bodies. There are things in their DNA that don’t make sense, and seem alien to our own galaxy. They seem to almost resemble the curiosities in the DNA of the Chardriks and their minions. It disturbs me greatly that I don’t understand this DNA. What are these things?


Reference of Echarikith Time Scales

Nano Cycle = approx. 10 minutes

Micro Cycle = approx. 20 hours

Tiny Cycle = approx. 100 days

Small Cycle = approx. 60 years

Short Cycle = approx. 500 years

Common Cycle = approx. 4000 years

Standard Cycle = approx. 30 k years

Medium Cycle = approx. 200 k years

Long Cycle = approx. 1 m years

Great Cycle = approx. 20 m years

Massive Cycle = approx. 300 m years

Macro Cycle = approx. 4 b years


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Caleb Teal


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any references to real people, places, or events of the modern time are used in a fictional sense and have no bearing or reality, nor are they meant to detract from the real them in any way. And all characters are the complete creation of the author, any resemblance to characters both real or fictional is complete coincidence.

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