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Character Diaries: Echarikith - Season 1 - Entry 030

0, 0, 0, 3, 0, 0, 0, 1, 2, 7, 56, 13 – After the Fall of the Seventh Core

Echniath: Today we looked over the ruins of Dranach Kath, now known as Dranois. It the world where the Rathva army once made their station to strike out against the Chardriks. The Chardrik they were to kill is now long gone, possibly destroyed by these new Rathvhaara cast-offs. The world is… for lack of a better world… dead. The ecosystem has completely collapsed due to over hunting and heavy industrialization. The atmosphere, what's left of it, is toxic and filled with all sorts of dust that sweeps across the barren landscape of the world where the fossilized remains of those that cause this are still exposed. Its actually suppressing that these Rathvhaara survived that! Their two royal families now live underground where they are to bear the shame of their ancestors folly, while the rest of the people have spread out across the stars! These new Rathvhaara are very much focused on preventing a repeat of their past mistake, yet their main values seem to be honor, nobility, and tradition. It is inspiring to see how they are capable of learning from their mistakes. I only hope the Echarikith even get that chance.


Reference of Echarikith Time Scales

Nano Cycle = approx. 10 minutes

Micro Cycle = approx. 20 hours

Tiny Cycle = approx. 100 days

Small Cycle = approx. 60 years

Short Cycle = approx. 500 years

Common Cycle = approx. 4000 years

Standard Cycle = approx. 30 k years

Medium Cycle = approx. 200 k years

Long Cycle = approx. 1 m years

Great Cycle = approx. 20 m years

Massive Cycle = approx. 300 m years

Macro Cycle = approx. 4 b years


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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any references to real people, places, or events of the modern time are used in a fictional sense and have no bearing or reality, nor are they meant to detract from the real them in any way. And all characters are the complete creation of the author, any resemblance to characters both real or fictional is complete coincidence.

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