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Character Diaries: Sylvia - Season 1 - Entry 008

Official EIS Report to Republic Command #01306099-00048512-001 Date: Friday, 30th of January 6099, 12:30 Report By: Commander Sylvia McCarthy Subject: Plans for New Command Base Today we’ve made plans for a new Command Base on Evelon II, which will be used in the coming assault on Ecrekio. We have already received permission from the Athakri to use their Hideout: Avli for the basis of the command base. We will begin construction next week, starting on Monday. As you are no doubt all aware by now, plans for the Ecrekio attack are going… poorly. Too much arguing, not enough agreeing. But I’m on top of this. No need for that old prune of a Supreme General yet. We’re going to do this our way. Anyway. I’ve attached the schematics for the command base to this report. I don’t understand half of it, so I’m sure you lunkheads won’t either. Better pass it along to someone who does understand it. Anyway, Sylvia Out.


This is a free work based on my book: Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes - Book 1: Hope. If you enjoyed it feel free to check out the teaser chapter for the book here:

If you want to check out my official 5/5 star review you can see that here:

If you want to purchase the book from another retailer, check out my list here:

If you are just starting this now you can check out Entry 1 here:

You can also check out last week's wrap up here:

Be sure to also check out my Patreon Here: Also feel free to comment below, and if you have any suggestions for other characters for me to do a diary series for, feel free to mention them there as well. 

Hope you enjoy, and stay safe amid COVID-19! Caleb Teal


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any references to real people, places, or events of the modern time are used in a fictional sense and have no bearing or reality, nor are they meant to detract from the real them in any way. And all characters are the complete creation of the author, any resemblance to characters both real or fictional is complete coincidence. © 2020 Evelon II Studios, All Rights Reserved

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