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Character Diaries: Sylvia - Season 1 - Entry 011

Official EIS Report to Republic Command #02026099-07739400-001

Date: Monday, 2nd of February 6099, 17:00

Report By: Commander Sylvia McCarthy

Subject: Start of Evelon II Planetary Command

Clearance: Rank A

WARNING: This is a Rank A Clearance Report. If you are not of Rank A or above in the Republic of Earth then reading further in this report is a Federal Offence to the Republic of Earth, and you could be charged with a minimum sentence of 300% Yearly Income Fines and up to a maximum sentence to Life in a Prison Colony.

Just to let you walking, talking, brainless corpses at Planetary Command know, we’ve started the Command Base for Evelon II inside hideout Avli. We’re using tools designed specifically to lower the detection of our activities by the Yajixa, as them finding out would be bad. Specifically we’re using Plasma Drills, Low-Energy-Draw Mass Replicators, Staggered Repetition MELT Gates, A Grade Energy Maskers, and Docile Construction Silencers. These tools will ensure that everything goes smoothly and undetected by the Yajixa. As for a timeframe until completion, it will be finished by mid March, at which point we will begin the final stage of preparations for the mission to take back Ecrekio.


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Caleb Teal


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any references to real people, places, or events of the modern time are used in a fictional sense and have no bearing or reality, nor are they meant to detract from the real them in any way. And all characters are the complete creation of the author, any resemblance to characters both real or fictional is complete coincidence.

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