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Ideas for future Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes MMO - Episode 2

Welcome to another Blog post about my ideas for my future Avala Spirits of the Mindscapes MMO. If you haven't read book 1 yet, you can find links to various places to buy it here. Today I'll introduce the playable Factions and talk about the 4 main starting classes for the game in a bit of depth.

Introducing the Factions

The game takes place 1000 years in the future of book 1 (already 4000 years in the future) during a time of war between three major factions. One faction is the Alliance of Earth, which is an evolution of the Republic of Earth. Another faction is the Reborn Yajiran Empire, which is an evolution of the Yajiran Empire. The third faction I can not talk about until book 4 of my Avala series is out. These three factions are at war with each other, causing things such as three way PVP in the game.

The Starting Classes

In the game you don't start out as a Yajixa or Avalan. Instead, you must earn your way to become one over time. Thus players start the game as one of four starting classes. These are the Special Forces, the Intelligence Agent, the Refugee, and the Adjutant.

Special Forces

The special forces starting class is a class that focuses on being the best of the best. They have access to a special skill tree that involves all aspect of special forces.

Though no special forces members appear in Book 1, you will see them more in later books, which will give you an idea of what Special Forces are like.

In General, Special Forces characters are a Tankier and Damaging class, with abilities that draw the attention of enemy forces and really cause havoc for enemies.

Intelligence Agent

The Agent starting class is a class that focuses on being a special agent. They have access to a special skill tree that involves all aspects of being a spy, from stealth, to assassination, to disguise, to thievery, to being a sniper.

Special Agents appear a bit in Book 1 in the form of Commander Sylvia and Agent Allan, thus readers have already seen a glimpse of what they are capable of.

In general Intelligence Agents are a class focused of Healing, Damaging, and Support. They are great at keeping the attention off of them which makes them not so good tanks.


The Refugee is a more unique class that focuses on survival. They have access to a special skill tree that involves surviving at all costs giving things such as stealth, thievery, and good work ethic (trust me, I have an idea to make this part work).

Refugees sort of appear in Book 1 in the form of Avala herself. Though she is less of a refugee, or more just someone who becomes an Agent. However you don't have to stretch your imagination far to think what the Refugee class is like.

Refugees do best as Support or Healers. They aren't the best at damage, and aren't the best and keeping enemies focused on them.


Anyone who has read book 1 has seen the Adjutant of the Intelligence Service. She doesn't have a body, and is instead active in countless places at once. When playing as an Adjutant, a player has access to a special skill tree that removes the combat, and technology skill trees accessible to the regular starting classes, and replaces them with a special mega skill tree that grant tons of abilities that involve supporting team members and aiding them just as an Adjutant would. However they do have a special skill branch that allows them a physical body which replaces chosen Adjutant skill branches with regular skill branches while using it.

The idea of the Adjutant player character, is that they are very important to group play. They are masters of Support and are something that almost every group will want at least one of. I'm also designing them in such a way to be fun to play for those who like to micromanage.


That's all for today. Join me next week where I'll talk about a few of the projects I'm working on. And possibly a look at what comes next for the Avala series. Join me two weeks from now, to see more about the Avala MMO ideas, this time about skill trees, and skill branches.

Take Care!

-Caleb Teal-

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