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Avala: Lore Dive - The Greatest Heroes of the Republic of Earth

Hi, welcome to another Lord Dive for the Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes series. Today we will be talking about the greatest heroes of the Republic of Earth, the Seraphim Group. The Seraphim Group was the group of heroes that exposed the Yajixa's presence on Earth in the year 2020. In the four thousand years since their heroics, they are legends among the people of the Republic of Earth.

The exact composition of the Seraphim Group is unknown. Legends abound from only two members to a hundred. Stories tell of them possessed awesome super powers, and were fighting against the Yajixa head on. Every few years for the 4,000 years since their victory, new movies come out about them, introducing new characters, new heroes, and new tales about them, each of them breaking box office records of those that came before. Comic Books are constantly being made about them, and novelizations of their heroics continue to become instant best sellers. An entire industry in the Republic of Earth exists around entertainment involving them.

Historians however believe that there were only two members of the Seraphim Group, at least only two that can be verified. Seraphim and her friend Redeagle. Seraphim was a non-binary hacker, who hacked into government computers to help expose the Yajixa who had taken over the world. Whereas Redeagle was a transgender woman gunslinger who protected Seraphim when Seraphim needed to get into hard to get places to find information that was not accessible with a network. Together the two of them faced the horrific discrimination against transgender and non-binary people in order to find a way to free humanity from the Yajixa. They managed to do this during World War Three, which started late 2019, a time of great death, suffering, and terror. In the end, they brought hope back to the world.

In the end Seraphim and Redeagle were victorious and exposed the Yajixa in a famous virus-based social media post that replicated itself across all platforms of 2020 Earth, exposing the truth about the Yajixa and alerting humanity to their presence. It was then that humanity rose up, and fought against the aliens that were trying to destroy them. In the end though, Seraphim and Redeagle disappeared. However stories about them exploded into legends, and from there on out, they were forever known a the greatest heroes of humanity.

Anyways, that's all for this Lore Dive. I'll see you next time.

Caleb Teal, Author and Founder


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