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Introduction of New Game - Codename: Survival Card - CANCELED

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Edit - This Project has been Canceled

I was supposed to have a post last week, but I was very sick, so I couldn't. Instead I am going to write a post this week. The topic of this week's post is a game I've been programming for the past few weeks that I will simply call for now 'Survival Card' since I don't have an actual planned title.

The Survival Card game is a computer game (possibly also for mobile) that is a survival and crafting game similar to Minecraft. However unlike many games similar to Minecraft, this game is not a cube based, 3D, sandbox world, but is instead a game played with cards.

The idea of the game is you combined special cards together to explore the world, craft tools and weapons, fight monsters, hunt animals and complete randomized quests. Don't be fooled though, just because there are cards, does not mean this is a traditional style card game. The cards are all special cards unique to this game, and by no means would it work as a traditional card game. There is no 'deck' and when cards are combined together, they often have an expected result, with only a bit of randomness.

There are several categories of cards in the game: Tools, Weapons, Armor, Biomes, Dungeons, Blueprints, Materials, Animals, Monsters, Bosses, Furniture, Homes, Healing, Quests, Treasure, and other Special Cards. Each of these categories has plenty of cards in them that make the game function and be fun.

I've had this idea for a game for a long time. However as what usually happens with me, I get bigger and grander ideas that take over. Being a one man development team for games means I don't have the manpower to make some of the ideas I have for games. My last project that I have put on hold indefinitely 'Legacy of the Firstborne Empire' was far too complex for me to make all by myself. Thus I had to move to a more simple game to make.

The only problem I see for this game is artwork, since I suck at doing art. However I plan on requisitioning art for the project when I get to that stage.

That's all for now. Come back in two week for another blog post.

- Caleb Teal

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